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A few more testimonials to share with you...



I traded today for the FIRST TIME ... took your advice and started SMALL....bought and sold Dell this afternoon. Made $212  !!!!!! 
I know this is routine for you....but it's wonderful for me  !!!!!!!!!

The reason I took the seminar was to gain insight from someone who has actually experienced both the frustrations and successes of day trading. 

While I always enjoy reading about and studying new subjects, I would rather spend money to learn directly from someone experienced in the area. They will always be able to give you realistic information that even the best books just can't.

More importantly, I have applied the information in my own trades, and while I am still very new to day trading, I have been able to use the concepts and it is clear that they work.

Regards - Gary V.


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Pascal Monmoine's training for Traders has helped me immensely.

His approach to trading the market is to learn to respond to what it is doing at any given moment. 
He makes no "predictions" about where the market is going in an attempt to encourage dependency on his wisdom, but rather provides the necessary skills to make your own decisions and responses to daily market activity (it is always better to learn to fish, rather than to be dependent on someone else to eat).

In a few brief sessions Pascal has helped me improve my skills and hence my daytrading confidence. Recently, I made five trades in a day netting $1,386 while only being in the market for 51 minutes total (nearly a 4% gain with margin) using techniques we had discussed.

Since training with Pascal, my confidence and my results in trading have and continue to grow right along with my trading account!

I highly recommend his course to any trader who wants to improve his trading skills. 

Kevin C.


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re attending your seminar, my percentage of winning trades was less than half.

In my first month of trading following your introductory class, 64% of my transactions were winners.

In my second month of trading, I hit a 91% success rate.

Pascal's seminars demonstrate that trading is much more than a collection of methods and techniques; it is both a philosophy and a discipline. His approach is to train his students in these areas and to stay in constant touch with them as they develop and sharpen their skills. As with any discipline, it takes lots of practice and Pascal is there to follow up with coaching, support, and ideas.

Adopting his trading principles, I have achieved a winning trade percentage of over 85% in the last month.

Of all the investments I've made, the least expensive, yet most profitable one was to attend Pascal's trading seminar! - Of all the investments I've made, the least expensive yet most profitable one was to attend Pascal's trading seminar! 

Tom R.


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Knowing very little about the stock market except how to lose money, we became fascinated with the concept of day trading. 

After learning the hard way that the professional analysts really have no way of knowing what the market is going to do or how an individual issue is going to respond to news, we decided to study with a gentleman who uses time-tested techniques for buying and selling.

Pascal Monmoine has taught us to never respond to news, advice, tips, or hunches in making buying and selling decisions.

We allow the market to respond to news events, get in quickly either up or down depending on the response, and get out after a reasonable profit can be realized.

At first we traded in small quantities to get accustomed to using XYZ (name of broker) and QCharts, and to get accustomed to spending thousands of dollars with the push of the mouse button. Our first few trades were small losers because of simple mistakes. (We recommend that all traders follow Pascal's advice of making a set of personal DT rules and following them to the letter. This eliminates repetitive mistakes).

Since then we have been very successful.

As of today we are up 19% on our initial investment. This is from part-time trading in small quantities. We are regularly making 5% on in and outs of just a few minutes. With more confidence, we will see those percentages climb as we stay with a position longer.

I heartily recommend Pascal's teaching to any serious DT candidate. His system works for us.

The good news is that he is continually searching and studying to improve on his methods and create new ones for his students.

Also, I am impressed with his genuine concern for our success.  

Mike L.

PS: Great day for me today!

  • Made 0.75 on DELL in 2 minutes on P2
  • Made 0.31 on PSFT in 2 minutes on P2
  • Made 0.5 later on PSFT in 4 minutes on P2

Best day so far.


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Hi Pascal!

Ticker: FDRY

I bought it at 13:46pm at $115.125
I sold it at 14:47pm at $160.25

RETURN on this trade:   70%  or  45.12 points

PROFIT on my 150 shares:   $6,768 in 1 Hour and 1 Minute ! 

Craig M.

Note from PM Traders, Inc: that kind of trade is of course EXCEPTIONAL and is not representative in any way of what can be achieved in the markets on a regular basis.  We are simply
sharing it with you to show you how much can sometimes be made by some Traders in "exceptional" situations and when they have the right skills to take full advantage of such opportunities...


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Hello Pascal, 

... I say it everyday but again thanks for adding something really great to an already really great life!

Tom Y.


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