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   A few Testimonials from our Members...

   Our Members often spontaneously send us e-mails to share their impressions of the quality of our Day Trading course as well as to share with us their own Trading results, using what they learned from Pascal Monmoine's Course or seminars.  

   Out of the hundreds that we keep receiving, we wanted to share a few of them with you...

   As we all know, there is no better proof of the quality of any educational material and its content than the testimonials of all those who have already been studying it and using it in the markets on a daily basis...

   As you will read the following testimonials, please note that our Members will often refer to the terms "P2™" and "P1™".  These are the names of the main and most frequently used techniques which are taught in detail at our Seminars and in our "Private Day Trading Course".
    These two techniques will produce a high number of Trading/entry "signals" ... many more than it would ever be reasonable to trade.
    They will take care of the "technical" part of your Trading so that you can fully concentrate on the "self-control" and "position management" parts of it and which are so critical to your Trading as a whole (and which also are way too often overlooked and underestimated).

*Note 1: some of these testimonials have been edited to make them easier to read and/or to remove any private information, but the spirit and meaning of what was written by the Traders who sent them to us has not been altered in any way

*Note 2: you can also click here to watch some examples of real Trades made by some of our Members


I'm impressed with the percentage of winners that your setup delivers. 

This system is so powerful that it actually can tell you when to exit a losing trade and immediately turn it into a winning trade!!

I have been a student of Pascal for about 8 months and have been very impressed with both his knowledge of the technical aspects of day trading and the wonderfully simple way that he teaches his system. I have maintained a 70/30 win loss ratio when using the powerful P1 & P2 trading indicators. My win-loss ratio drops down to 25/75 when I enter trades using some other techniques.

The system really WORKS and is easy to use. You don't need a financial background to succeed with his methods. He shows every student how to identify entry and exit points. He explains the importance of money management and the need to eliminate losing trades. He teaches the discipline to wait for the proper time to enter a trade. He also teaches you when to accept a loss and move on to the next trade.

I am becoming very convinced that you have some strong trading techniques that deserve to be studied and copied.

You have both necessary ingredients to good trading: 1) A good technical system that shows a trader not only when to get into a trade, but also when to get out of a trade; 2) A good grasp of the importance of getting the emotions out of the trade.

Every emotional mistake I have made over the course of the last few months has already been documented in your "PM Traders' Private Trading Course" rules. As I have reread them, I have been amazed that I have reacted EXACTLY as you said I would. I could have saved some major bucks if I had taken everything you wrote more seriously.

Now that I have gotten my ego out of the way (I can trade better than Pascal!!!), it is time for me to become a pro.

Doug M.

PS: The greatest thing about learning from Pascal is his genuine enjoyment of watching his students make money from this system. He is both a successful day trader and a remarkably talented instructor. He makes my day trading not only profitable, but enjoyable.


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I have been a member (of PM Traders) since 2001 and have had a great time enjoying the market and making money the fun way.  

I’ve been able to purchase several properties for myself and given my four children the money they needed for the downpayments for their homes.  

We live in San Francisco so you know that the downpayments have had to be substantial.   

Thank you Pascal for your wonderful course.

Joanne C.



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Dear Pascal:

Thought you might be interested in some stats:

Total trades 2 accounts = 65  (60 wins & 5 Losses).

I just calculated my results for January and had 20.9% growth for that month (250% annualized).

I recommend your training to anyone who really wants to succeed at Day Trading.

I have read all the popular publications and books on Day Trading and I have found your guidance to be the best of all.

Regards, - Edward S.


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Bonjour Pascal,

After looking at Pascal's trading techniques for about 3 months, I had to purchase a new computer, study QCharts and convince my wife of the idea -- then I was ready. 
Dec. 23,  thru Feb. 3, I added around $10,000 to my bottom line. That was a 28.6% return.

I've taken Mr. XYZ's two days seminar (the name of the person giving that seminar and as mentionned by that Trader has been removed by PM Traders as we would consider it unethical and disrespectful to generate bad publicity for others) on future trading and lost some money. I needed something like the 1st grade where you learn the basics and then you advance. 

Pascal's techniques are simple - but addicting. Your risks are controlled by yourself, because you are in control.

Having a full time sales position morning, day and night work, it has been difficult to trade everyday

I only had 1 day to trade in Feb. and sold the next day for $2100. So if you want 20% per year, trade it Pascal's way for 2 weeks.

Pascal's ongoing E-mails have been the ultimate inspiration. He actually trades what he teaches.

Thank you, Pascal - Wally S.

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 Dear Pascal,

I would like to thank you for sending me your course "Private Day Trading Start Up Course". 
I have read about 2/3 of it already, and so far, I find it fascinating. 

You did an excellent job! 

Let me thank you once more and congratulate you for this excellent course that you have provided.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you. 

All the very best, 

Nick G.


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I find that I'm going back and reading your course material over again about every 6 weeks. 
I laugh at myself when I've done one of the "stupid" things that you point out in the notes and caution us against. I also applaud myself when I've followed your teachings and the trade does just what I planned for it to do.

The initial and advanced courses were both enjoyable and very informative. The techniques you teach take the gambling out of trading. Your instructions on setting up information sites, portfolios, live charts and how-to-trade are INVALUABLE, and have saved so much time. My best trade so far is 5.6%, not margined, for about $1,000. This is so much fun. I give your name and email out whenever I get into a conversation about trading.

Thanks for the instruction on how to have FUN and make MONEY at the same time!

Regards, - Joe R.


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Subj: Result for today ...


1.7% RETURN (3.4% ON MARGIN)


Have a nice night (it is already late for me and tomorrow I have to go to work ...) - Francesco B.

NOTE: Francesco lives and trades our techniques all the way from Zurich in SWITZERLAND!… like so many other Traders from now over 58 countries


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I have been working with Pascal, both through his seminars and direct consultation, for about 6 months now. I have conservatively set my goal on a return of 1% (of my trading account) EACH DAY and am realizing it on a weekly and monthly basis.

When applied correctly and with discipline, the techniques taught by Pascal can produce significant daily and weekly returns while greatly reducing the stress which is commonly associated with day trading.

...Last Friday, for instance, Pascal's techniques enabled me to spot a decline in the making, enter at the proper moment, and ride it to a 5 point gain in just over an hour and a half!  Fun and profitable will be a hard combination to beat... - Tom B. 

PS: …To whatever degree I have success day trading, it will be in no small way thanks to you. I had embraced the concept of day trading for some time, but couldn’t find anyone willing to teach me how to do it (and books on the subject are impossibly....and unnecessarily...complex)



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