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What is our very special " 100% Satisfaction " Guarantee? ...

   PM Traders, Inc. Guarantees UNCONDITIONNALLY all our TRADING COURSES!...

   If you have already browsed through our Website, you already know how different we are from most other businesses and financial Websites...

   So here is what our very simple "100% Satisfaction" Guarantee is...

  • We are genuinely interested in PEOPLE, in seeing as many individuals as possible use our techniques and philosophy to become great traders and/or use trading to reach a better lifestyle.  
    Pascal could spend his time flying all over the country and all over the World to give always more seminars and more private tutoring sessions but he does not!  If he was, he would be of course making a lot of money for himself in the process but he knows how "wrong" that would be!  He knows how detrimental that could be to his lifestyle of fun and freedom. 
    We should always live our lives at a "human" pace, in a peaceful and enjoyable way. Money is always only a consequence and a measuring unit of what we do as traders and as business people.  Sacrificing today for a possible "wealthier" tomorrow is just not worth it, at least to us. 
    We really want YOU to have a chance to reach a much better lifestyle... one of freedom and fun and not get attracted to the wrong goals.

  • Life is about people and emotions and our goal is your happiness and success in life so, if for any reason you don't like what we teach and what we do, we will not even try to "keep" you and avoid refunding your purchase like too many businesses do.  We only want happy and highly satisfied Members.
    So, if within 14 days of receiving our Course you think that it is not worth its price, or that all the concepts, techniques and philosophy which it will teach you do not make sense, you can return it to us for a FULL REFUND (except shipping costs and a $89 replacement charge (+ a $38 credit card processing service charge if your purchase was done by credit card)).

  • To request a refund, simply follow the following steps:
    1/ Send us an e-mail within 14 days of receiving our Course to inform us that you want to return it.  You will then receive by return e-mail a copy of our "Refund Request Agreement" (click here to read a copy of this Agreement).
    2/ PRINT this Agreement.  Sign it and date it.
    3/ SIGN and DATE the copy of our standard "SERVICES, NON-DISCLOSURE and RELEASE OF LIABILITY" Agreement which you received with your copy of the Course (and which will be still be fully valid and enforceable even if you return our COURSE)
    4/ Mail the original copy of the Course back to us with the 2 Agreements mentionned in items #2 and #3 hereabove, dated and signed
  • Upon receipt of these 2 signed and dated Agreements as well as you original copy of the Course, we will immediately mail you a check for the full price which you paid for the Course after deducting the cost of initially shipping the COURSE to you as well as a $89 "order processing and course replacement" fee(as your returned copy of the Course will be destroyed and we will not be able to sell it to someone else (every new Member always receives an ORIGINAL SIGNED COPY)) and a $38 Credit Card Processing service charge if your purchase was done by credit card.


   As you know by now, we really are "DIFFERENT" so here is what we are also proposing to you...
   If, on the other hand, you consider like many of our current Members that this COURSE is actually worth many times more than its price and/or it saved you tens of thousands of dollars in your trading and in getting you started and/or it allowed you to make a lot of money in the market ... then PLEASE send us some more money than your purchase price and ALL OF THAT EXTRA PAYMENT will IMMEDIATELY BE GIVEN to one of the Charities that we support (please click here to learn more about our "Let's Share" charitable program).  Fair enough?...

   Everytime that one of our Members send us some money for our Let's Share program simply because they really love what they have learned from us and made a lot of profits from it, THAT really makes our day!...  Life is about people and emotions, let's never forget it.

   PM Traders, Inc.




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