- Refund Request Agreement -

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(hereinafter referred to as "USER")
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In consideration for the payment by PM Traders, Inc. to USER of $ _____ , which represents the amount paid by USER to PM Traders, Inc. as described below (cost of PM Traders, Inc.’s COURSE (after having deducted the shipping & handling expenses, a $89 order processing/returned Course fee and a $38 credit card processing charge if you paid for your purchase by credit card(not applicable if you paid by check, bank transfer or others))), USER agrees to fully and expressly, knowingly, voluntarily and unconditionally release, acquit, and forever discharge Pascal MONMOINE and PM Traders, Inc., from any and all, direct or indirect, charges, complaints, claims, liabilities, controversies, damages, actions, causes of actions, rights, demands, losses, debts, expenses, and attorney’s fees and costs of any nature whatsoever, known or unknown, with regards to any transactions or events occurring prior to the date of this agreement.

It is further agreed as follows:


1.             USER has purchased and read PM Traders, Inc.'s "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™" or one of PM Traders, Inc.'s COURSES and USER has decided, for personal reasons, that this material is of no value and/or use to him/her.  USER is therefore asking PM Traders, Inc. for a refund of its purchase price, after deducting the applicable charges and fees as explained here above.

2.             USER understands and accepts that USER is still legally bound by the PROVISION of SERVICES, NON-DISCLOSURE and RELEASE OF LIABILITY AGREEMENT which USER has already accepted and signed on our Website or on the hard copy which USER mailed or handed to PM Traders, Inc.

3.             USER agrees not to use in the future any of the material, techniques, concepts, information, data or anything else contained in, and/or learned from reading or browsing PM Traders, Inc.'s "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™" and/or any of PM Traders, Inc.'s COURSES.

4.             USER confirms that he/she has not kept (partially or fully) any copy in any format of PM Traders, Inc.’s "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™" or any of PM Traders, Inc.'s other COURSES and USER also confirms that he/she has not given access to any of the material contained in any of those COURSES to anyone in any form or for any reason.  Each original copy of the COURSE contains a unique, confidential and hidden CODE which will immediately identify the person(USER) who initially received it.  PM Traders, Inc. will immediately prosecute USER to the full extend of the domestic and International laws in the event that any illegal copy of the COURSE is made and/or found with USER's unique CODE.

5.             USER confirms that he/she has not disclosed, disseminated, or in any way made public to any third party (individual, business or any other entity) any and all information, techniques, strategies or Trade Secret Information disclosed, taught, or disseminated in whatever manner, whether written or verbally, during the course of each of their private or public SEMINARS, tutoring sessions or in PM Traders, Inc.’s “PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™” or in any of PM Traders, Inc.’s other COURSES, past, present or future.

6.             Upon receipt by PM Traders, Inc. of the 3 following documents:
  (1)        this Refund Request Agreement, signed and dated by USER,
  (2)        the complete original document of PM Traders, Inc.’s PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE(s) and any other COURSE,
  (3)        a signed and dated copy of the PROVISION of SERVICES, NON-DISCLOSURE and RELEASE OF LIABILITY AGREEMENT,
PM Traders, Inc. will mail to USER, within 10 business days, a refund in the amount of $____.
This amount represents the full price(s) paid to PM Traders, Inc. for its COURSE(s) after deducting
the original shipping & handling expenses as well as a $89 order processing/returned Course fee (the copy being returned to PM Traders, Inc. will not be resold as it will be destroyed) and a $38 credit card processing charge if you paid for your purchase by credit card(not applicable if you paid by check or other means).

7.             USER understands and accepts that, if applicable, the initial shipping cost of the COURSE(s) to him/her as well as the shipping cost to return the COURSE(s) to PM Traders, Inc. will not be refunded.

8.             If any SALES TAX was paid by USER to PM Traders, Inc., the full amount of such sales tax will be added to the REFUND's amount.

9.             ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement and understanding between the Parties and supersedes any and all prior agreements (except the PROVISION of SERVICES, NON-DISCLOSURE and RELEASE OF LIABILITY AGREEMENT already signed by USER), understandings and negotiations, written or oral, relating to the subject matter hereof, including any information on PM TRADERS, Inc.'s Website, unless referenced and incorporated herein. This Agreement may be modified and amended only by written instrument executed by the Parties.

10.          GOVERNING LAW & VENUE. Any dispute between the Parties concerning the interpretation, performance or breach of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina-USA without regard to conflict of laws principles.  The venue of the adjudication of any dispute of whatever nature will take place in Wake County, North Carolina-USA.


12.          ARBITRATION. Any dispute or claim arising under or with respect to this Agreement will be resolved by arbitration in Durham, North Carolina - USA, in accordance with the Rules for Commercial Arbitration of the American Arbitration Association before a panel of three (3) arbitrators, one appointed by PM TRADERS, INC., one appointed by USER, and the third appointed by said Association. The decision or award of a majority of the arbitrators shall be final and binding upon the parties. Any arbitral award may be entered as a judgment or order in any court of competent jurisdiction. If the party asserting the claim, in accordance with this section 3.9, fails to prevail on all their claims, then that party shall pay all reasonable costs incurred, including attorney's fees, to the other party.

13.          COSTS AND EXPENSES. Any costs and expenses incurred by PM TRADERS, Inc. (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees) in enforcing any of its rights or remedies under this Agreement, including collection of outstanding balances due, shall be paid by USER.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has executed this Agreement effective as of the day first written above.

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REASON(s) for your RETURN of the COURSE (please be as detailed as possible in your comments):


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