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WELCOME to our  "Socials"   page ...

    Trading can sometimes become a quite lonely activity ... 

    Pascal was quite unhappy with that part of his trading so he simply decided to create special gatherings for all of the Members living in his hometown.

    They now meet in the Durham, North Carolina area (as often as Pascal has time to organize those gatherings), and they spend hours talking about stocks, talking about trading and also talking about ... stocks and trading !!!social.jpg (16521 bytes)

    It is so enjoyable to get together with like-minded  people, create new friendships and share trading "war" stories!

    The small participation fee (usually $10) which is required to attend our Socials is spent entirely on snacks and drinks for our members (if any extra money is left, it will be given to one of the children's charity which we support with our "Let's Share" program).

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    If you could also be interested in starting your own local "PM Traders" chapter (whether you live in the USA or in another country) so that you can also meet with other traders in your area, please contact us at  We will be more than happy to help you to develop a local chapter.

    Trading does NOT have to be lonely anymore ... at least not OUR style of trading. 

Please always remember than it is all about a BETTER LIFESTYLE and about PEOPLE... NEVER "just about money".social 3.jpg (16346 bytes)

    We hope that you will be able to join us very soon...




Note: the faces of PM Traders' Members shown on those pictures have been blurred in order to maintain their privacy

Please contact us to find out the date of our next SOCIAL for the RDU chapter...

Use this form to REGISTER for our NEXT SOCIAL as soon as it will be scheduled:

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What a wonderful first "SOCIAL"!!!

Lot's of wonderful conversations, good food and no smoking.

I would love having something like this once a month. It's really nice to talk to others of like mind.

Thank you so much for having the idea.
Have a great day.



I thoroughly enjoyed the social, thank you for setting it up.

Please thank Ed and Tina for me for being such gracious hosts.



Thanks for having the Social last night!!

There is a lot of good info. exchanged at the socials, much of it confirms
thing you are doing right and wrong, all of it helps you to improve. 

There are also many "new ideas", actually just new to me or someone that has not
heard them before. 
However new or old the idea they are still welcome and helpful.

Thanks again




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