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   Welcome to our " PRIVATE TUTORING " page...

As previously explained, please be aware that our PRIVATE TUTORING is exclusively reserved for our MEMBERS (please click here to learn how to become a MEMBER of PM Traders).

    If you have already been browsing through our Website for a while, you now know and understand that Pascal MONMOINE's main goal in life is NOT, unlike most people, to make "as much money as possible, at all costs".  Based on that philosophy, even though he could make a "lot more money" than he currently does by always giving more hours of Private Tutoring, by always giving more Seminars and by always writing more trading books and courses ... he just won't do that!  

    He values his time and his freedom so much more than all the money in the World, and his main priority is to always have LOTS of free time to spend with his loved ones as well as for his numerous hobbies and passions.

    Therefore, he only reserves very few hours of his time for this Private Tutoring but he will still do it from time to time as he deeply enjoys these one-on-one sessions, helping as many as possible of our Members to progress and succeed.

    This very efficient way of teaching is, of cours
e, totally personalized, very intense and highly efficient for those of our Members who choose to use it.  
    Private Tutoring is a great way to progress much faster in your Trading journey, making fewer "costly" mistakes in the markets and always learning more.
    It is also a very efficient way to take your Trading to another level ... 

    As you most certainly already know, most great leaders, CEOs, athletes etc who REALLY want to reach a very high level of performance and success have personal coaches and extensively use private tutoring in one form or another .  
    Whether it is in tennis, business or politics, the constant support and the outside objectivity of a private coach is often a "must" for those very successfull individuals.

    The fact that Pascal allocates only a very limited amount of time to Private Tutoring also means that he is usually booked well in advance.  If you are interested in booking a session with him, you will usually need to book it a few weeks ahead (except if you are choosing the "e-mail" Private Tutoring option which Pascal can usually answer much more rapidly). 

    The main goal of these sessions is to CUSTOMIZE Pascal's teaching at 100% to YOUR PERSONAL QUESTIONS and PROBLEMS...  and the only goal of Pascal during those sessions is to work on YOUR PERSONAL PROGRESS and SUCCESS !  

Pascal values your time and money as much as his own, and he will not, unlike many other consultants or professionals, spend any of that tutoring time in "small talk."  He will limit his teaching and answers exclusively to YOUR specific questions and problems.  He will answers all of your questions in as MUCH or as LITTLE details as you will ask him to.

    As you can easily guess, Pascal constantly receives thousands of e-mails from our Members and always does his best to answer each of them individually as long as they only require a very quick answer.  
    For those of our Members who have more complex or more extensive questions, we created the option of "hiring" Pascal for some "e-mail Private Tutoring" time.  
    With that option, you can simply "pay by the time" to get any and all of your questions answered.
Pascal Monmoine's personal wish to help others and to share as much as possible of his Trading knowledge with them makes him wish so often that he could spend 30 hours a day just to reply in details to the thousands of e-mails which he receives.  Even though, several years ago, it was still possible for him to answer in details all of these e-mails when he started teaching, the success and exposure received Worldwide by his unique Trading concepts just does not allow for that anymore... 
    As you will ea
sily understand, he unfortunately can not spend his whole day (or night) answering all those e-mails as he used to. 
    If you really want him to answer in details very specific and personal Trading questions, you will still have this option by "consulting" with him (over the phone or by e-mail), simply paying for the time spent on your questions (using a credit card to pay for your sessions will make it a very practical option and will allow you to privately consult with him even for very short sessions).

    One of the most efficient use of this Private Tutoring is to review with him some of the Trades that you will have done so that he can explain to you in details what you could have done better, which mistakes you could have avoided, which entries and exits of those trades you could have optimized etc.

    We all know the "value" of quality advice and information, especially in our Trading World where any mistake or lack of knowledge can (and will) cost hundreds or thousands of dollars...  which also means that spending a few minutes and few dollars to get a problem efficiently solved or an important question answered might often be a very good "investment" !

Please note that Pascal MONMOINE is not a "financial advisor" and he will never give you any SPECIFIC investment / trading ADVICE.  This means that he will never tell you "Buy Microsoft at 85" or "Sell Intel at 35 " or "You should sell right away that stock in your portfolio" etc.  
The goal of these Private Tutoring sessions is to "teach you how to fish" so that you can use what you are learning for the rest of your life ... his goal is not to "fish for you"!

    There are 4 different ways to arrange for PRIVATE TUTORING sessions with Pascal MONMOINE...

  In PERSON ... 
   If you want to travel to Durham, North Carolina, USA, you might be able to meet Pascal Monmoine in person.

   You certainly already know the priceless value of learning directly and privately from a coach...

   A minimum of a 2 hours session is required, and it will be conducted at the location of Pascal's choice, in the Durham area.

  Over the PHONE ...

  If you live in another state or in another country and you cannot travel to Durham or if you only have a few occasional questions, another great option available to you is to arrange for PRIVATE TUTORING SESSIONS over the PHONE.

   A specific date and time will be booked for such sessions, which will allow you to work with Pascal Monmoine over the phone in almost the same conditions as if you were both in the same room.
   You will also have the option to FAX or E-mail him in advance the CHARTS of the trades which you would like to study with him. 
   There is also, of course, the option to look at the chart of ANY STOCK on both your computer's monitor and Pascal's at the same time in order to work and comment on them during your private session.

   One of the main advantages of these phone sessions is that you can book them for as little as 15 minutes (you will simply be charged proportionally to an hourly rate).
   That way, if you only have occasional specific questions (as may often be the case), you won't need to book him for a full hour of tutoring everytime. 

   As you certainly already know, it is often much wiser to "spend" a few dollars to immediately get the answers to your questions or concerns, rather than to look for those answers by "trial and error" which, in the stock market, will often end up costing you a lot more!
  By E-Mail ...
   That option will allow you to have access to Pascal MONMOINE's PRIVATE TUTORING by
simply e-mailing your questions to a private e-mail address which will be given to you. 

   Pascal will then PERSONALLY answer your e-mails
(with as little or as many details as you will request, depending on how much time you would like him to spend on them).
   The time spent by Pascal on your e-mails will simply be billed to you proportionally to our hourly rate (with a minimum of 6 minutes per e-mail being charged).
  By VIDEO-CONFERENCING over the Internet...
   If you are using a HIGH SPEED Internet access (Cable, DSL, ADSL, T1 etc. - speeds of 250K and above) you will have the great option to schedule VIDEO & AUDIO Private Tutoring Sessions directly with Pascal Monmoine.  

   This option will also allow you to "see" in real time EVERYTHING happening on Pascal Monmoine's own computer (charts screens, brokers screens etc...) as well as for him to "remotely take control" of your own computer to show you EXACTLY what to do in order to progress in your Trading.

   This highly efficient Private Tutoring option will allow you to learn from Pascal Monmoine almost EXACTLY as if he was sitting next to you, in front of your own computer, whether you live a few miles from his home ... or in a foreign country at the other end of the World! 

   Please contact us ( if you are interested in this option!

Links to the software "Microsoft® Netmeeting" to use for such sessions:


Note: a very efficient way to work during those sessions is to send the CHARTS of your Trades to Pascal Monmoine by e-mail, prior to your session. These charts will then be used to support and illustrate your questions as well as Pascal's advice (if you need a software to capture the charts on your screen, we will be more than happy to tell you where and how to get it).

hourly rate for PRIVATE TUTORING with Pascal MONMOINE is $350 (when you will know how little time it can sometimes take to make $350 of profits in the markets (a mere 0.175 point move on a 2,000 shares Trade) ... you will understand that the main reason why Pascal still reserve some of his precious time for these sessions is more out of the pleasure of helping our Members than for his personal financial gain.  

As explained, this hourly rate will be broken down to be adjusted to your actual needs.  Whether you would like Pascal to only spend 10 minutes to answer by e-mail some specific questions which you might have or you would prefer to arrange for a 15 minutes private tutoring session with him over the phone, you will always only pay proportionally to the time spent with him, pro rated to his hourly rate ($175 for 30 minutes, $87.50 for 15 minutes etc.).

    The easiest way to pay for those sessions is by Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD), directly on our Website, but you can also use bank wire transfers or certified checks; please contact us by e-mail for more information on how to make your payment.


    If you are interested in one of these 3 options, please contact us by using the form below...

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