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    This page will offer you some QUIZZES for educational purpose.

    We will first describe to you a very specific situation and your goal will then be to find out what kind of trade you should have done, based on that specific situation and how you should have managed it.

    Of course, you have to remember that just looking at those charts is only one part of the picture and you should never trade ONLY based on such charts ALONE.
As you learned in our Seminars or Course, you must always include in your trading decisions (and in order to do real "P Trades") many other parameters like the NYSE Advance/Decline index, the previous day's highs and lows, general NEWS on the stock etc.  
    The sole purpose of those
QUIZ is to help you progress some more.

    Please note that all of those QUIZ are based on real trades done by Pascal MONMOINE.


For each QUIZ, the questions to answer are:


WHERE should you have entered a trade on that stock ? (at what price?  at what time?)


WHAT KIND of trade was it ? (P2 or P1?  LONG or SHORT?)


WHERE should you have entered your SSL ? (from the widest one to the tighest one)


WHAT was your optimum EXIT and WHY ?

    WARNING: This page is ONLY intended to be used by our MEMBERS; if you reached it by error, please CLOSE IT and do not read it.

    If you have already attended one of our SEMINARS or purchased our PRIVATE COURSE and would like to get the answers to those
QUIZ, please send us an e-mail at and we will be more than happy to send them to you!  Just make sure that you first really try to work with them and practice your trading and reasoning skills on them...

    We hope that you will enjoy them!

QUIZ #1 ...

3 minutes chart of the stock and of the 3 main indexes ...

P1L CPQ 3-29-99 4C.gif (21353 bytes)


3 minutes chart of the same stock ...

P1L CPQ 3-29-99 3'.gif (14413 bytes)


QUIZ #2 ...

This is a tricky one ... watch out ... could be played 2 ways (wrong first and then right ... or right from the beginning if you pay attention to what the stock and the market are TELLING YOU!)

P2L RESISTANT DELL 3-30-99 4C.gif (20624 bytes)

P2L RESISTANT DELL 3-30-99 1'.gif (11425 bytes)


QUIZ #3 ...

P2L CPQ 3-30-99 4C.gif (22525 bytes)

P2L CPQ 3-30-99 1'.gif (11907 bytes)


QUIZ #4 ...

P2S AOL 3-31-99 4C.gif (22188 bytes)

P2S AOL 3-31-99 3'.gif (14098 bytes)


QUIZ #5 ...

This one was a quick "SCALP"...

SCALP L CPQ 3-31-99 4C.gif (22467 bytes)

SCALP L CPQ 3-31-99 1'.gif (12553 bytes)

QUIZ #6 ...

Quick "P2" ...

  • Stock: AOL
  • Date: 4/21/99
  • How long in the trade: 22 minutes
  • NET RETURN (without margin):4.3%

P2 L AOL 4-21-99 4C.gif (20821 bytes)

P2 L AOL 4-21-99 1'.gif (11269 bytes)




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