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    If you decide to use Pascal's personal Workspaces, you will be looking right away at EXACTLY the same data and layout that Pascal and that most of our members do... and it should save you a lot of time from having to create your own from scratch!

    If you have not yet subscribed to QCHARTS, you can click here to go to their home page and learn more about this fantastic source of REAL TIME CHARTS, used by Pascal Monmoine as well as by the majority of our Members in their daily Trading.

    If you are not using QCHARTS and still would like to have a look at some examples of Pascal MONMOINE's TRADING screens, please click here.
Si vous n'utilisez pas QCHARTS mais voulez quand même voir quelques exemples des écrans que Pascal MONMOINE utilise pour Trader, cliquez ici.


How to INSTALL those WORKSPACES on your computer...


Click on this CHART icon to download a ZIP/COMPRESSED folder of all the Workspaces together:  graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)


When you see the following screen SAVE TO DISK....gif (7922 bytes) SELECT "Save this file to disk ..."
3 In the next window that you see, CLICK on the files shown until you get to the folder "WORKSPACE" which is in the folder "QCharts" (which is itself in the "QUOTE.COM" folder)
4 You should then see in the window the standard QChart workspaces already installed on your hard drive
5 Click on SAVE, then go INSIDE that same folder on your hard drive, "UNZIP/EXPAND" the zipped folder and that's it!... All the workspaces are now installed on your hard drive and ready to use with your QChart...
graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

1 Stock + 3 Indexes

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

1 Stock+3 Indexes

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

"CyberX2" layout

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

# 2 - "Married" stocks

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

# 4 - Technical
Indicators basic
( # 7 - version for printing)

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

"Hot List"

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

"Whole Picture"
graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

# 0 - "For daily print outs"
graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)
3 Stocks + 3 Indexes
+ 3 Time & Sales
graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

#1 - "Married" 

All those WORKSPACES are Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
PM Traders, Inc.
graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

#3 - 9 NYSE

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)
# 6 - Q
WH SelfInvest 
graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)

graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)
with technical indicators
LAPTOP version with Overlays)
graph icon for QCharts downloads.jpg (2122 bytes)
QCharts workspace to be used with WH SelfInvest


How to use our WORKSPACES after downloading them...

This section has just been started. We will keep adding new material to it on a regular basis.
Please feel free to come back to it often to learn more about how to efficiently use QCharts.

You will find, at the top right corner of each chart window, 2 symbols: SYM and INTV.INTV and SYMB boxes snapshot.gif (5625 bytes)
Each of them has a small box next to it.

SYM = TICKER of the stock which you want to chart (note that you can ALSO type in the FULL NAME of a stock and QCharts will usually find it and give you its ticker at the same time (example, type "MICROSOFT" if you don't know its ticker (which is

INTV = TIME SCALE which you want to use... 1 minute, 3', 10', DAILY, WEEKLY ... anything.

If you click ONCE in each box, it will change color and produce the following results:

GREEN: means than it is linked to anything that you type (a TIME SCALE or a new TICKER) in the MENU BAR or anywhere while the QCharts screen is active and it is ALSO LINKED TO ANY WINDOW where that box (SYM or INTV) is GREEN.
For example, if 2 charts have the INTV in green but display 2 DIFFERENT STOCKS, if you change the INTERVAL from 1' to 5', BOTH CHARTS will CHANGE to 5' at the same time.
GREY: it will change ONLY the WINDOW which you have made ACTIVE by clicking ONCE anywhere on it. For example, if you have 2 windows, and they both have the SYM in GREY, if you type a NEW TICKER, it will change ONLY in the window which is ACTIVE (highlighted) when you enter it
RED: the INTV or SYM which was used or displayed at the time where you clicked the box to RED will ALWAYS STAY THE SAME. You can type anything new in other charts or even in this one, as long as you do click that box to change it to GREY or GREEN, it will be LOCKED and will not change.

    A typical use is of course to LINK the INTV in GREEN on 4 different charts displaying 4 different stocks (or 3 INDEXES and 1 stock for example).

    Now, whenever you will enter a new TIME SCALE, ALL 4 CHARTS will CHANGE TOGETHER.

    Here is a link to go directly to QCharts's TUTORIAL PAGE. Simply CLICK ON IT and enjoy...

    Click here to access a LIST OF MOST OF THE SYMBOLS and INDEXES used on QCharts...    

More to come soon...




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