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  WELCOME to PM Traders !... 

    Thank You again for deciding to learn our Trading

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    Here is some information to explain to you what is available to you, as a member of PM Traders...

  •     Please be aware that Pascal often refers to our Members as ... "PLAY PALS" and that he also refers to the stock market as our "PLAYGROUND"...  This is just to make sure that we always remember that our priority is to have fun and that we never want to take ourselves too seriously, unlike many of the Wall Street's "mannequins in suspenders"

  •     We ALWAYS WELCOME your critics and suggestions about anything and everything that we could do to help you progress and to always improve what we offer... 
        So PLEASE never hesitate to shoot us an e-mail with any suggestions and critiques!  

        As a Trader, Pascal's ego has already been submitted to lots of "heavy treatments" as you can easily imagine (or are already experiencing yourself), so please never worry about sending an e-mail or mentioning something that you feel might be too "strong" or too direct...  
    In life, as in Trading, welcoming and accepting criticism from others is always a very precious source of progress!

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  •     If you are interested in learning more about how to select the best BROKER for you, please visit our "BROKERS" page by clicking here




  •     We would also like to mention to you another source of REAL TIME CHARTS (to either use as your main source of real time charts or to use as a back up to any other source of real time charts of your choosing (or the one that is supplied by your broker's trading software).  It is called "IQCharts".
        Whether you decide to use that program or any other source of real time charts of your choice, it is of course absolutely vital to have access to real time charts in order to have any chances of Trading efficiently.

    You can click here if you would like try and test IQCharts for FREE (you can click here to view some screenshots of IQCharts)

    If you prefer to subscribe to that program at a later time, you can always click on the link available in our "MEMBERS ONLY" area.

    (note: should you decide to try and subscribe to  IQCharts , it could take a few days to get your final subscription to become active, but in the meantime, I know how excited and eager you might be to "start to look at something," so here is what we have for you... You can get a little sampling of what real time intraday charting will look like and start to practice (only after the market close) to identify P2™ and P1™ signals by clicking here .  What you will see is a LIMITED version of the actual IQCharts program, but at least you will have something to help you remain patient for a few days, and you will be able to look at your very first INTRADAY CHARTS.
    IMPORTANT: the data on that screen might be 15 MINUTES (or MORE) DELAYED, so NEVER ATTEMPT to trade with that data!  


  • In order to listen to the AUDIO and TELEVISION REPORTS links which we offer to you in our "MEMBERS ONLY" page, you might (depending on your operating system) need a free software called "RealPlayer 7 Basic™".  If you do not already have it installed on your computer, please click HERE now to download it for FREE.


  • Click here to read our "SAVE AND SHARE YOUR TRADES" page...

  • You can also submit to us some trades or series of trades which could be "OUT OF THE ORDINARY" and, if we consider that they qualify, we will be very happy to feature YOUR TRADE(S) and YOURSELF in our "Hall Of Fame."  Please visit that section for more information (you can click HERE to visit it right now).

  • We now have Traders/Members all over the World (in over 72 countries at the last count) and Pascal really loves to be able to put a FACE on all the e-mails and messages which he receives so, when you have a moment to do it, if you can e-mail him (or mail) a PICTURE of you (while you are trading, in your house, family picture... anything will do), that will definitely "make his day"!  PM Traders is really about PEOPLE... it is certainly not "just another business".

  • Also do not forget to check out our "Recommended readings" page which will tell you about the very few books which Pascal has selected for you and which he personally keeps reading over and over again.  They are the only ones on his shelves.  
    At his beginnings, he went through over 300 books but found only very few of them as being worth your time and your money.  You can look at those right now by clicking here (and order them right away by simply clicking on their cover if you wish).  
    Reading as many books as you can is one of the least expensive "education" which you will find in the trading World and which can really tremendously help you to progress... you will never read or know too much! 

  • You can also click now on the following box in order to make our MEMBERS ONLY page your DEFAULT HOME PAGE.  This means that every time that you will open your Web BROWSER, our MEMBERS ONLY page will automatically open.  This way, you will be ready to start to prepare right away for your Trading day by using all the direct links of our MEMBERS ONLY page like the AUDIO reports, the MOST RECENT NEWS on any stock and many more.

    Also, don't forget to come back on a regular basis to the main page of our MEMBERS ONLY section and check all the Menus for NEW MATERIAL as we'll keep adding new tips, concepts and links on a regular basis...

    Thank you again for joining our group of Traders !

    See you at our favorite PLAYGROUND ever ...

PM Traders, Inc. 

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