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Welcome to our  "DAILY NEWS LOG"  page ...

    Dear Fellow Trader:

    Based on numerous requests, we are now offering, as an EXAMPLE/TEMPLATE, a copy of Pascal MONMOINE’s personal "DAILY NEWS LOG" file.

Whether you decide to use Pascal Monmoine's FILE or to make YOUR OWN, it might be very helpful to your Trading that you use some kind of "News Log" to track and organize all the major NEWS being released for the stocks 
which you decided to "marry" and trade ...

IF YOU ARE TRADING WITHOUT any kind of NEWS tracking system 
and without consulting it BEFORE ENTERING ANY TRADE, 
you might be missing the help of this very efficient tool and you might not be doing real "P TRADES" ...

So PLEASE do yourself a great favor and use one system 
(ours or any other) if you realize that it is indeed helping you to improve the quality of your entries on your Trades (you might end up, after a few weeks or months, deciding that you prefer not to use such news tracking system but at your beginnings, you should still make it an active part of your Trade selection process).


    Every time that you are not using ALL of the tools which are available to you to make your Trading decisions, you are definitely NOT trading at your best, you are not "optimizing" the quality of your trades, your entries etc... so please give at least a try to that news tracking system to find out if it will become an efficient tool for you or not...

    You can look at an EXTRACT from Pascal MONMOINE's personal log at the bottom of this page.



In Pascal MONMOINE's own words...

   "My "DAILY NEWS LOG" is a Microsoft Word® file where I paste DAILY
* , for the stocks which I am tracking and which I decided to "marry", the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS which have recently been published about these companies. My main source of such NEWS is YAHOO! FINANCE

   This way, I progressively create a very extensive "NEWS LOG" for each of my "married" stocks.   This log is always "up to date" and
it allows me to INSTANTLY look up, in a CHRONOLOGICAL order, the most important news on any of my stocks.

   For the reasons that you already know after reading my written COURSE, I do not read the Wall Street Journal®, Investor’s Business Daily® or any similar publication and I do not listen to CNBC® etc...
   Basically, I do not spend a DIME on getting any kind of NEWS from such Media.
   I only use the news which I find (for free) on Yahoo!'s financial website.

   I usually always check out my own DAILY NEWS LOG BEFORE entering any trade. This will give me a "general feeling" (especially with the cool concept of the COLOR CODING of the NEWS) of the most recent news "climate" on any of my "married stocks". 
   It will also allow me to find out very quickly the date of the most recent earnings, the date of any major news and other potentially important information. 
(by the way, for your OVERNIGHT/SWING Trading, using this log will also allow you to apply very efficiently our very powerful "6W rule"). 
   This system will also allow me, for example, to check very quickly how well or how poorly a stock did on its past 4 earnings etc.

   Let's say, for example, that you have to chose between several possible candidates(stocks) to "carry" and grow your money for that day, you certainly do not want to trade LONG a stock whose news for the past days or weeks have been HIGHLY NEGATIVE (downgrades, missed earnings, lay offs etc...)... Just use your common sense and trade another one with a similar entry signal!… 
   Of course, in order to be able to do that efficiently, you need to KNOW WHICH WAY the tide is going... and knowing and having access to all those pieces of NEWS will definitely help you with that reasonning.

   Why do I believe that you REALLY need some kind of "NEWS Log" ? ...
   Let's say f
or example that you have just identified a P2™ LONG getting ready to be triggered on AMAT at 10:30 am... but, as you do NOT have any kind of NEWS tracking and you do NOT consult them, you also DO NOT KNOW that, for example, it was DOWNGRADED three times in the past week ... or that they just announced some really bad news in the previous days (or anything similar). 
   So, unknowingly, you go ahead and you do enter that trade LONG... 
   Almost as soon as you do, that stock reverses on you as its down momentum is still too strong and you can congratulate yourself as ... you've just "BOUGHT A TOP", which is of course as bad as losing your wallet in a subway ;-)
   A few hours later, your SSL™ is hit and you just lost a few hundreds $ or more.
   The night of that "tragic loss" (your words ... not mine!), still very upset, you FINALLY check out the NEWS, on Yahoo! for example, only to find out about those previous day's DOWNGRADES and OBVIOUSLY NEGATIVE NEWS!
   NOW YOU ARE REALLY MAD because YOU VERY WELL KNOW that YOU COULD HAVE POSSIBLY AVOIDED this loss by doing your homework and checking those news BEFORE entering your trade...  
   Doing that will certainly not avoid ALL of your bad entries but even if it only improves a few of them, it will be well worth it!
   We all know very well how avoiding "a few" extra losses in our Trading World can translate into savings of HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of $ per year!

   This "reasonning" was a very simple and basic one, just to give you an example and I am sure that you will design your own...

  So,  PLEASE  USE ANY SYSTEM (mine or any other one of your own...) but USE ONE!!!   
   If you don't, you will certainly NOT be doing any "P TRADES™"... and you know what that can mean and cost to you !

* IMPORTANT UPDATE: for several years, I used to update my "Daily News Log™" on a  daily basis.  Recently, for various reasons, I found myself spending days, weeks or months at a time NOT updating it (but still of course reading the news on my "married"s stocks before entering most trades).  At this stage, I can not decide "for sure" it if is overall better or less efficient for me to do it that way... When and if I decide one way or the other, I will of course update all our Active Members about it.  
I just wanted to share that change in my trading habits with you...



NOTE:  We used to use the services of a Website called “Infobeat” to obtain our News and receive free daily e-mails with the NEWS being published on our favorite stocks which we would then post in our “Daily News Log” as explained in the Course (for more information please click on the “DAILY NEWS LOG” link on the “MEMBERS ONLY” page of our Website) …

    Unfortunately INFOBEAT got acquired by another company and … they suddenly stopped providing this great service. 
    This is why I am now detailing and sharing with you this new way to obtain the most important “News” and PRESS RELEASES on the stocks which we decided to “marry” and how to track them in an efficient manner…


    Here are the steps to take…
    You will only need to go through the first steps of that list the FIRST TIME that you will want to set everything up to check your “most recent news” on your “married” stocks…

1- Go to the Website:

2- Click on “FINANCE” in the main menu of that page.

3- Enter in the blank box all the TICKERS of your “married” stocks, separating each ticker with a comma “ , “.   Example: “amat,cien,msft,ebay,aapl,intc”

4-Click on the button “Get Quotes” making sure that “Basic” is selected in the pull down menu and you should obtain a page similar to the one here under:


    You can now (and you should) BOOKMARK this page in your Web browser so that you can return to it very quickly, with just one click, every time that you are getting ready to trade and doing your “homework”…
    This link should look something like:

    Please note that we already added for your convenience on the “Members Only” page or our Website a link to such a page (as Pascal MONMOINE personally use it all the time) and it is called “Recent News”.

    Your next step is now to simply click on the “News” button for each of your “married” stocks in order to check out the headlines of the “most recent” NEWS and PRESS RELEASES published on these stocks (since the last time that you checked them and depending on how often you trade…).



    Your final step is to now Double-Click on any HEADLINE which will seem worth reading in details to you (your experience of going through the process will allow you to decided ON YOUR OWN and based on YOUR OWN CRITERIA which of these headlines are worth reading or not…

    You will of course learn to omit all those which YOU will consider as “not that important” (for example if COCA COLA is announcing that it is opening a new factory in a remote country and that they already have 2369 factories worldwide … that “news” is not really that “important” and is of no or little interest in terms of its possible impact on the stock…

    As always, please simply use your common sense to judge what is worthy of being read and ARCHIVED in your DAILY NEWS LOG and what is not…  

     PM Traders, Inc.




  • To go directly to the BEGINNING of the news listing for stock XYZ, simply do a "FIND" (hit the keys "CTRL" and "F" on your keyboard) of " XYZ "(please note the APOSTROPHE BEFORE XYZ and which need to be typed right before the ticker of the stock, this is VERY IMPORTANT) and it will take you right there... at the OLDEST NEWS available for that stock … and you can scroll down from there to see all the news up to the most recent one. 
  • So, for example, to go DIRECTLY to the OLDEST NEWS on AMZN, simply PRESS the CTRL key and the F key and then TYPE:‘AMZN
  • To go directly to the END of the news listing for stock XYZ, simply do a "FIND" of " 1XYZ "(please note the 1 BEFORE XYZ and which need to be typed right before the ticker of the stock, this is VERY IMPORTANT) and it will take you right there... at the MOST RECENT NEWS available for that stock … and you can scroll up from there to see all the news up to the oldest one.  
  • So, for example, to go DIRECTLY to the MOST RECENT NEWS on AMZN, simply PRESS the CTRL key and the F key and then TYPE: 1AMZN
  • You can then of course keep updating it daily on your own with the FREE e-mails that you can receive from Infobeat, this is your opportunity to do so...
  • YOU CAN ALSO ADD ANY STOCK of your choice to it and use our format to keep organizing the NEWS for it.  
    Simply position yo
    ur cursor at the right ALPHABETICAL position (example, if you want to add MSFT, position it for example between LU and NKE), based on the INITIAL of your TICKER and start your log there for that new stock. 
    You can of course COPY one of the headers of an existing stock and paste it to replace its name with YOUR NEW TICKER and start a new log for that stock..
  • It mainly covers the following STOCKS which I trade in DAY TRADING, OVERNIGHT TRADING/SWING TRADING as well as TRADESTING™ (for some of these, the news are as old as AUGUST 1997):
  • AAPL
  • AMAT
  • AMZN
  • AOL
  • ASND
  • CPQ
  • CSCO
  • DELL
  • ESST
  • GPS
  • GTW
  • HDI
  • INTC
  • KO
  • MSFT
  • NKE
  • OSSI
  • SBUX
  • STAR
  • YHOO

    The file will also include News about a few other stocks but which I do not consistently track anymore so they are listed here above.




EARNINGS: they will be ALIGNED to the RIGHT side of the page for easy identification

Note: Pascal only started this color coding system recently so it will not be on the oldest news… Also you will find a few (and old) personal comments in frames with a blue background… Pascal does not type them anymore for personal reasons but it might be a good idea for you to do it at the beginning so that you can learn and remember how stocks react to specific news ... and possibly use that for future trading.

QUARTERLY EARNINGS results will usually also be ALIGNED TO THE RIGHT and in ITALIC to make them easier to identify and locate…



   Here are 3 snapshots of extracts of that log to show you how the NEWS are listed and color coded in it...        

daily news log 1.gif (9470 bytes)

daily news log 2.gif (9831 bytes)

daily news log 3.gif (10707 bytes)


 IMPORTANT :   You must realize and remember that your goal, if you decide to order this log is NOT to use it as your own.  The main goal of Pascal Monmoine in sharing his own file with you (which he uses almost daily when he trades) is to allow you to “take a peek” at his own log, test how it works and then use it as a TEMPLATE to make and develop YOUR OWN.

    There are many “gaps” of several days, weeks or months in this log, because of many different reasons. These reasons can be longggggg vacations taken by Pascal and during which he would not be as thorough in recording news to his log as he usually is, there can also be times at which YAHOO! FINANCE had technical difficulties as well as other various reasons.  
So please be aware that this file is not meant to be “complete” or exhaustive at all…

    This being said, enjoy this great tool !!!!


HOW TO ORDER the latest version of Pascal's DAILY NEWS LOG ...

    Pascal's personal file is already about 678 pages long ! (as of 2001).
    It is just as "big" ... as it is useful!  And with our "Find" system, you will never know or "feel" than it is that big as you will INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY be able to go right away to ANY stock.

    Its price is only $15. If you wish to order it right away, you can pay for it by CREDIT CARD.

    As soon as your credit card order will have been processed, you will receive by e-mail, usually within 48 hours and directly from Pascal Monmoine's computer, the latest version of his own "DAILY NEW
   Please click here to proceed with your order...  

   ( cliquez ici pour payer votre achat par CARTE DE CRÉDIT en suivant des instructions en FRANÇAIS).

   See you at the playground!…

   PM Traders


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