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Welcome to our  "Let's Share..."   
                  and to our  "TOYS R YOURS         
                                                    charitable programs !


    As mentioned in several other sections, Pascal MONMOINE had decided, from the time he started this Website, that he wanted to also use our group of Traders and our Website to try MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our World...  

    We are certainly aware of how "small" we are as a group (compared to people like Bill Gates giving away billions of dollars every few months!) but to each human being who will benefit from our donations and support, we will certainly never feel "small".

    We simply cannot selfishly enjoy our privileged lives without helping and caring for those less fortunate than we are.  And by "privileged" we certainly don't mean driving fancy cars or leaving in mansions, we mean the simple and basic "luxury" of having a roof over our head, food on the table every day for our families and clean bed sheets to sleep in every night. 
So many "luxuries" which we wrongfully classify as "basics" and which we take way too often for granted.   

is all that really counts, whether it is for us as a business, or for you as an individual.  So much is needed, whether it is in our own hometown or all over the World.  The choice always rests in our own hands...

    We often get carried away in our "busy" lives and tend to forget what those "basics" really are and how much we should appreciate them every day ... And most importantly, we also forget than many of our fellow human beings, some of them living just a few miles away from us, do NOT have any of those "basics" which, to them, are most definitely considered as "luxuries".

   So, for starters, Pascal MONMOINE has pledged that at least 3% of all net income generated by this website will be DONATED to VARIOUS CHARITIES (especially those for sick and poor children). 
    With our 
"Let's Share..."  program, whenever you do purchase something from our website (whether it is our Start Up COURSE, your attendance fee to one of our SEMINARS or anything else) or from any of our associates, you know that you will ALREADY be participating in our program and starting "to do some good...".  
    We also strongly encourage you to support directly any of the Charities listed below (we provided all contact information for each of them). 

    Much is always needed. Thank you so much in advance!


To start with, here are some of the charities and organizations which our donations (money and/or material donations) are currently supporting:

"Make a Wish"...

No need to introduce this great organization either...

Their main goal is to grant the wishes of children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses.

Here is one of the thousands of Make A Wish stories which bring tears to my eyes from just typing it on this page... Life can really seem sometimes so incredibly "unfair" but this is just the way it is I guess...

"It seems like only yesterday, but it has been nearly 20 years. My son Chris was only 7 years old and all his life he had dreamed of being a police officer. Chris' dream was the biggest thing in the world to him, but even he couldn't have known that this wish would serve as the inspiration for the largest wish-granting organization in the world.

Many children have plenty of time to realize their dreams as they grow up. But Chris didn't have the luxury of time—he had Leukemia and his prognosis wasn't good. But Chris had a special quality that captivated those around him. And one of our dear friends was so taken by my son's interest in police officers, that he wanted to ensure that this little boy received his wish.

I'll never forget that special day—April 29, 1980—when Chris' wish was granted. A police helicopter flew us over the Phoenix area, landing at the Department of Public Safety (DPS), where three squad cars and a motorcycle awaited our arrival. Chris, with his blue eyes dazzling, was sworn in as an honorary patrolman. Later in the day, Chris and the Director of DPS took some time out of their hectic police schedule to share a pack of bubble gum together. From then on, Chris was known to his fellow officers as the "Bubble Gum Trooper."

The company responsible for making the highway patrol uniforms was so moved by the media coverage of Chris' wish, that they decided to get involved in adding to the wish experience. The owner and two seamstresses worked all night to custom-tailor a highway patrolman uniform for Chris. On May 1st, several officers who had met Chris a few days before, showed up at the house and presented him with his official police uniform.

I had bought a battery-operated motorcycle for Chris to take the place of his wheelchair. Chris really liked the motorcycle wings worn by one of the officers and asked how he could get one. The officers said that Chris needed to pass a motorcycle proficiency test before the wings could be presented to him. So the officers set up a motorcycle course in our driveway so Chris could take his test. He passed with flying colors.

On May 2nd, Chris was back in the hospital. He was so proud and happy about being a patrolman that he asked that his uniform be hung up in the window of his room and his motorcycle helmet and "Smokey the Bear" hat be placed on his dresser so he could see them. One of the officers showed up at the hospital and presented Chris with his new motorcycle wings, which had been created especially for Chris by a local jeweler.

On May 3rd, Chris passed away. As the first-ever and only honorary state trooper in Arizona history, Chris was given a police funeral with full honors by his fellow patrolmen.

It brings tears of joy to my eyes to know that this wonderful time in my son's life was the inspiration for the organization that has granted more than 73,000 wishes to courageous children like Chris around the world.


(Chris' mom)"


"The Durham Police Department / Youth Investigations"...

Contact for your donations: DURHAM Police Department
Phone: (919) 560 4440

   On a very special month of December, Pascal was once again looking for more and better ways to bring "sparks of joy" to those dear to his heart ... the always innocent children of our World.

   Writing checks to Charity programs is one thing but we all know that, unfortunately, some of the money that we give is "consumed/wasted" in administrative costs and expenses (sometimes justified... and sometimes not!) and it is usually impossible to keep any control on how our donations are really spent...
   Also, supporting great causes and giving money to help and save children in Africa or South America is something very important and certainly needed but we tend to forget that quite often, other forms of misery and many terrible tragedies take place just a few MILES from where we live our privileged lives... right in our hometown.

   So, under our "TOYS R YOURS™" program, Pascal decided that he wanted to also help those living in his hometown of Durham and he sincerely hopes that PM Traders' Members will also start similar programs in their own hometown, whichever state or country they live in...

    After contacting his local Police Department (contacting the Police Department of the city where you live is certainly a great way to get started...) he met with a great man, Sergeant Mike MONTGOMERY who was in charge, for the city of Durham, of the Youth Investigations Department.  

   This Department covers a wide range of cases, all the way from sexually abused and battered babies and children to troubled teenagers.  For Pascal and PM Traders, the common point of all those children is that they are ALWAYS INNOCENT and that they NEED OUR HELP and ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that we can do to help them SHOULD and MUST be done...   

   So, to get things started, on that very special December, Pascal went with his two children to a local "Toys R Us" store and filled up 2 full carts of toys in order to deliver them to the Durham Police Department which then distributed them to selected families and children as Christmas presents...  

   That very simple idea is what this is really all about...  Giving, caring and sharing.  Bringing "sparks of joy" in the lives of those who need it the most...

   It is never about "judging" the "WHY" and "HOW" such terrible tragedies can happen ... it is only about GIVING, CARING and HELPING those who need it so badly.


"La Crèche de Bethlehem"...  
(The Nativity Scene/ORPHANAGE of Bethlehem)

   A small French non profit organization which supports a great cause in Bethlehem - Palestine.

   The French support chapter of that organization was started by Arlette LOFFICIER who was actually working for the Engineering school which Pascal attended for 3 years (but did not graduate from... ;-) ))while he was still living in France.  She is a great lady with lots of energy which she is now focusing on helping those in need... 

   When the non profit group called "Les Filles de la Charité de Saint-Vincent de Paul" arrived in Bethlehem in 1885, many young desperate mothers started to abandon "non desired" babies and children in front of their little house.  The nuns finding those babies could not, of course, let them die right there so they started to actually welcome them and try to raise them.  
   This is how this little group originally started and has since kept growing, despite all the politic craziness of this highly sensitive area.

A few of the babies rescued by the orphanage...  

   This cause is supported by individuals and corporations from all over the World, independently of their race, citizenship or religion.

   This "CRÈCHE/ ORPHANAGE" is still, to this day, the only place which will accept and take care of, without any "judgment" of any kind, any abandoned baby or children and for this, we really need to support them.  
   They also provide some free day care for the children of working parents who would, otherwise, have no choice but to leave those children alone at home as their poverty does not let them afford any kind of day care. 

   The sadness and despair of abandoned children and babies should of course never be judged in any way... it should only be supported as much as we can as their innocence is our responsibility.  The organization is currently taking care of over 90 children (aged from a few hours up to 6 years old).

   Please click on their Website to learn more about them (for now, the Website is only in French but this will be a great reason to browse up on your high school French, right ?...).


"The Hunger Site"...

   You can help to feed the hungry in a very simple way...
   Simply go to this site once a day to feed a hungry person. It costs you nothing and the food is paid for by the sponsors of the website.

   Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger ... and 3/4 of those deaths are children under 5!!!!



   The famous Worldwide organization which do not really need any introduction...


"The National Children Cancer Society"...

   The mission of The National Children's Cancer Society is to improve the quality of life
for children with cancer and to reduce the risk of cancer by promoting children's health through financial and in-kind assistance, advocacy, support services, education and prevention programs.

   The National Children's Cancer Society (N.C.C.S.) is a non-profit tax exempt organization whose mission is to provide direct financial support to children with cancer and their families, for expenses related to cancer treatment. They assist children from birth to age 18 and their families throughout the United States.

   The N.C.C.S. works with more than 200 pediatric oncology hospitals and cancer centers to identify and help children and families in need. They help any family able to demonstrate financial need regardless of socio-economic status prior to diagnosis.

   Since its inception in 1987, The National Children's Cancer Society has distributed in excess of $19,000,000 in direct financial assistance to help more than 6,300 children and their families.


"Genesis Home"...

Phone Number: (919) 683 5878    DURHAM, NC 27702

  GENESIS HOME's main mission is to provide a "home/shelter" for people and families in need as long as they have CHILDREN involved (they will not support couples or individual without any children). GENESIS HOME can care for up to 12 families, providing them with help, support and decent lodging. 

   They can be single parents with children, battered women with children in need of shelter, families with children but no place to go etc. 

   What do they need? (and what YOU can donate to help them even more): toys for all the children, crafts supplies for the children, clothing etc... anything and everything to help make their lives a little bit better and to show them that other people do care about them.

   Under PM Traders' program which we named "TOYS R YOURS™", Pascal MONMOINE delivered to the children of GENESIS HOME a whole hammock (PM Traders' symbol) worth of TOYS bring some sparks and moments of happiness to those children as well as to bring them many toys for Christmas...

   We will also do our best to provide continuous support to them by bringing them more toys and supplies thorough the year and hopefully for many more years to come...



Contact: (919) 560-7600  (phone)

   A program local to the RDU area in North Carolina which collects clothing and toys for babies and children in need, as well as for their single mothers.
   Please give them all that you can... the children which they provide for desperately need everything we can give them (and they need it so much more than our neighbors or family members to whom we often, by habit, give our children's clothing and toys, eventhough they can afford to buy their own)...
   Pascal has been giving to "BABY LOVE" almost every toy and clothing that his children have outgrown over the years...


   We hope to be able to support other charitable organizations as PM Traders will grow (and, most importantly, as the size of our donations will grow as well).
   If there is any particularly worthy cause which you would like to bring to our attention, please feel free to contact us...

   Let's never forget how lucky we really are to live such privileged lives ... and let's always make sure that we never forget those who are less fortunate by sharing as much as we can with them.

   Let's share ... our "luck" and our love and let's never miss an opportunity to help those in need.

    Pascal MONMOINE
   PM Traders

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