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    Thank you for you interest in joining our group of Traders ...

    Before you consider joining us and learning our techniques, please make sure that you CLICK ON ALL OF THE BUTTONS in the menu at the top left of this page.  

    We want you to know what we do and what our goals are. It is very important to us to make sure that what we offer will really fit your TRADING goals as well as your personal lifestyle...

 How to become a  MEMBER  of PM Traders ?... 

   There is now a very low monthly fee ($10 per month) required in order to maintain your MEMBER status and to receive all of the benefits reserved exclusively for our members (our "Membership" used to be free for over 2 years until we reached the point where Pascal Monmoine could not handle and answer anymore the thousands of e-mails which he was receiving, due to the success of our group and of his methods).  

   The 2 ways to be
eligible to become a MEMBER of our group of Traders are:
 1 - By attending one of our SEMINARS
 2 - By ordering our PRIVATE COURSE   

   To welcome you to our group of Traders, you will get a 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL of our Membership.  After that free trial period, you will have the option to renew your Membership for a period of 6 or 12 months.

   What are the PRIVILEGES reserved to our  ACTIVE MEMBERS 

You will get unlimited access to all the "MEMBERS ONLY" sections of our website such as...
  •  our QCharts Real Time CHARTING and TRADING templates 
  •  a QUIZ page 



You will also receive many other PRIVILEGES such as...
  •  Exclusive access to our "SOCIALS"  to meet other PM Traders Members who live in your area and in your country.  
        Those "Socials" will allow you (and them) to share both your and their success stories, personal concepts and ideas, and develop new friendships with your fellow traders... (you can click here for more information about our "Socials" which are currently held in Durham-NC, depending on Pascal's availability, but which might be extended to other States and other Countries as the number of our Members will grow and our Members will create more local Chapters).

    Pascal Monmoine sends by e-mail to all our active Members any UPDATES about his Courses, techniques and concepts.

  •  FREE ACCESS to a unique selection of "PM Traders' FAVORITE WEB SITESwith 1-click direct access to all of them 
       This list
    is the result of having visited and tested literally hundreds of Websites.
    There are more than 8,000 sources of financial data on the Web... but very few of them are really useful in your daily Trading.  

       Pascal Monmoine use only selected ones and most days he will only use 2 or 3 of them.
       All of his private selection will be listed (and updated as needed) on a Special section of our Website, accessible only to our Members.
  •  The exclusive possibility to ask QUESTIONS by e-mail, DIRECTLY to Pascal Monmoine 
       For extensive, customized or more frequent questions, you will always have the option to consult with Pascal Monmoine in "Private Tutoring" sessions.  
       However, your active Member status will allow you to ask him directly quick and occasional trading questions, at no extra charge.

       At the very beginning of the creation of our group of Traders and of our website, Pascal was always trying to find the time (often during the late hours of the night...) to answer personally all the e-mails that he was receiving from all those who had joined our group. Unfortunately, because of time limitations, he can not provide that special service to everyone anymore and he will now only answer the e-mails with trading questions coming from our active Members.

Note: PM Traders, Inc. reserves the right to refuse, modify or cancel any Membership at any time and for any reason, without notice or refund(a full refund of the "unused" prepaid months of Membership will be made if applicable).  PM Traders, Inc. also reserves the right to change these Membership benefits at any time and for any reason, without notice or refund.

 So, if  you  would  like  to...

JOIN "PM Traders"



4  OPTIONS  are  available  to  you...  

  Day Trading Start Up COURSE 

(written by Pascal MONMOINE)
has just been published !!!t

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more information 

 2  Day Trading Start Up SEMINARS 

PM Traders offers this 

several times a year 
in Durham, North Carolina

Your instructor will be 
in person.

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more information 

 3  Advanced SEMINARS   

Some of the subjects covered in those ADVANCED Seminars:
Technical Analysis & Indicators 
Overnight Trading
"Your Second Brain" concept
Additional Self Control rules
How to play the "speeding" Internet stocks
... and many more.

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for more information 



with Pascal MONMOINE
can be arranged...

- over the PHONE
- by E-Mail
- by VideoConference
(over the Internet)

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for more information 


 *  Please note that the  ADVANCED SEMINARS  and the  PRIVATE TUTORING  sessions are only open to traders who have either attended our Start Up SEMINAR or who have learned our techniques in one of our COURSES.

 *  Please note, if you intend to take PRIVATE TUTORING sessions with Pascal MONMOINE, you will need to book these far in advance. Pascal allocates only a small portion of his time to PRIVATE TUTORING and is usually booked well in advance.

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