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Our next "Outstanding PM Trader" was one of our very first members 
... we have the pleasure to introduce you to our dear "play pal", Tom !



Tom is being honored today in our HALL Of FAME for an absolutely 


He realized the amazing performance of "milking" a

in just 2 trades and within the SAME DAY 

(only using a 2:1 margin).


    The stock which he was trading was EGRP (E*Trade Group).

    As you will see on the chart below, he entered his first trade on a "P1" signal (this technique is explained in our PRIVATE COURSE and at our SEMINARS).

    He then used very efficiently a technique called a "Smart Trailing Stop Profit Taker" (also explained in our Course and Seminars) to ABSOLUTELY MILK EVERY CENTS out of that very strong first move of the stock, without taking any chance to exit that trade too early...      

   And he ended up making a

 31.4% PROFIT   

on that trade, in just 1 hour and 10 minutes!!!!

    That was really as pretty as it gets!!!

    Then, maybe thinking that a 31.4% was not enough for the day  ;-) ... he decided to come back at it, again on a P1 signal.  

   And he then very successfully

  made another 6.6%  

(on margin) on that second move...

    Being finally up 38% on his money for that day, he decided to call it quit and sent Pascal an e-mail to share with him those 2 absolutely gorgeous trades and promise to him that he would buy him all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts that he could eat (as all of our member know, Pascal is addicted to them)!!!

    Maybe our friend Tom should start managing some Mutual Funds on Wall Street?... Don't you agree?...
    Working for them only ONE DAY per year would give them 90% of them a much higher return than what they make in a WHOLE YEAR!
    But we also know that Tom is smarter than that and that his LIFE and LIFESTYLE are his priorities... not flashy suspenders and the crazy lifestyle of Wall Streeters!

    Our most sincere Congratulations to Tom for those two incredible trades!


Here is a friendly Q&A with our friend Tom ...


Your LAST NAME (optional): BOOKER

Your AGE (optional): 54

Are you a PART TIME or a FULL TIME TRADER ? (optional): Full Time (with some "work breaks")

DO YOU ALSO HAVE A PART TIME TIME JOB?: Sales Management Consultant

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TRADING: Studying/testing about 1 year, actively trading about 8 months

WHAT'S YOUR BEST STRENGTH : Disciplined entries, patience


ANY ADVICE FOR our BEGINNERS?: Make fewer trades of higher quality

PERSONAL HOBBIES or PASSIONS: Golf, race sailboats, flying, reading, studying


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