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A few months ago, we were very happy to announce our very first " PM Traders of the Month " winner ...
Our friend and play pal, Douglas MILLER !

Burstani.gif (9370 bytes)

Burstani.gif (9370 bytes)

      Douglas is being honored today in our HALL Of FAME as the

WINNER of our "PM Trader of the Month" contest

    Doug lined up an amazing return of
19% for that month !... (this is 228% annualized!... VERY IMPRESSIVE!).

    Doug initially met with Pascal for some private tutoring sessions in August of 98 (he is one of our very first members).
    Our most sincere CONGRATULATIONS to DOUG
for being our very first "PM Traders of the Month". He more than deserves it and he really is a fine trader...

Here is of a friendly "Question & Answer" with our friend Douglas...

YOUR MONTHLY NET RETURN for that month:19%

Your FIRST NAME: Douglas


Your AGE: 39

Are you a PART TIME or a FULL TIME TRADER ?: Full Time


HOW MANY TRADES DID YOU DO DURING THAT MONTH (rough estimate is fine): 45

WHAT'S YOUR BEST STRENGTH :Finding the stock that is going to make a move.

WHAT'S YOUR WORSE WEAKNESS: Always, Always, Always wanting to short the top.

ANY ADVICE FOR our BEGINNERS?: Never enter a trade until after it breaks
through the resistance. Many times, the stock will hit the resistance and
then immediately back off (of course right after you got in).

PERSONAL HOBBIES or PASSIONS: anything that keeps a 39 years old retired person


    Thanks a lot to Doug for taking the time to share those answers with us!

    Please note that, generating that return in 45 TRADES simply means that Doug truly "EARNED" every single dollar of those 19%!!! ... it is not like he "just got lucky" by buying a stock which, out of pure luck, happened to run up 19% in 2 weeks and generated all or most of that return.

    When you "build your castle one brick at a time", you learn a skill which you can then REPEAT at will, over and over again. You do not depend on some "pure luck" of hoping to hit a big winner from time to time. And the fact is that Doug just happens to be very skilled at doing just that, hitting and TAKING OFF the table a LOT of decent winners and cutting his losers while they are still small. 

    The end result of those skills is an impressive monthly return and this is a GREAT LESSON for all of us!




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