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We are very happy to introduce to you another 
"Outstanding PM Trader"
... our new "play pal", David !

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David is being honored today in PM Traders' "HALL of FAME" for his ...

Extraordinary RETURN during his 2 first weeks of Trading

    Our new "play pal" David initially attended our "DAY TRADING Start Up" seminar in early May and he also attended one of our "ADVANCED" seminar on June 10th of the same year.
    He opened an account with XYZ (on line broker not listed for ethical reasons) with $25,000 and on May 20th of that year, as soon as his funds were credited to his account ... well ... he started trading!

    David was, at that time, juggling between an MBA at FUQUA School of Business as well as also working full time in a very demanding profession which we won't mention to maintain his privacy. In other words, he was very busy and had little time left to trade. 
    Yet, he accomplished the amazing result of bringing his initial $25,000 to ... $39,606 which is an impressive 58.4% NET RETURN. 

But the most impressive part of his achievement is that he obtained this amazing return in just his very FIRST 2 WEEKS of Trading !     (these numbers are AFTER COMMISSIONS and AFTER MARGIN COSTS)

    $14,606 (58.4%) of NET PROFIT for HIS FIRST 2 WEEKS of trading PART TIME is quite remarkable!

    As we are writing those words, he is still holding some positions overnight which he started right after the very last trade listed here under but which he wants to hold some more as he believes that he has more profits to milk out of them!
    We cajoled him into sharing with us the exact and complete listing of all his trades which you will find hereafter. They are very interesting...

    Even more remarkable is the fact that, as you will notice, he started his trading journey with a LOSING TRADE but he had the guts and the discipline to "take it" so that he could keep trading and make more money ... instead of letting that loser run to unacceptable levels as so many beginners do.
    Also, later on, he had to take some more losers which were quite large but once again he had the discipline to JUST DO IT and take them, knowing that it was the only way to stay in the game and to be able to make more money. Quite exemplary!...

    You will also notice that some of his trades are pure "DAY TRADES" while others are "OVERNIGHT positions" which is a very good combination considering the fact that he had so little time to watch the market during the day.
    We are of course NOT saying that Dave (or any of the traders recognized on this page) applied religiously and exclusively our techniques to reach that result; we are not looking over the shoulder of our play pals when they trade. Our only goal is to guide you as much as we can during the beginning of your trading journey and to help you to progress as efficiently as possible but it is also very important to us to let you define your own style of Trading which is what all successful Traders have done.
We are simply sharing with you Dave's Trades as they are the result of a very interesting and quite remarkable upstart...

    Trading is a very unique activity and anything that you will learn will always be complexly combined with each individual's personal skills and past experience. 

    Click HERE if you would like to see ALL THE DETAILS of David's trades..., they will speak for themselves ! (PLEASE be patient when you click on that link as it might take a few minutes for that page of trades to load completely)

His total PROFIT for those 2 WEEKS:    58.4%   -   $14,597

(and David just informed us on June 30th that the positions which he is still holding 
since June 4th bring his account to
81.6% !!!)

Here is a friendly Q&A with David...

Your FIRST NAME: David

Your LAST NAME (optional): prefers to stay anonymous for professional reasons

Your AGE (optional): 45

Are you a PART TIME or a FULL TIME TRADER ? (optional): Part Time

DO YOU ALSO HAVE A FULL TIME JOB? (which one): Fuqua MBA Student

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TRADING: Started May 20th after taking Pascal Monmoine's intro course

Questions in regards to your Trading...
WHAT'S YOUR BEST STRENGTH : Knowing when to take losses--a stock that disappoints does not deserve any clemency--it gets executed with a sell order.

WHAT'S YOUR WORSE WEAKNESS: Being too greedy, trying to chase the horses once they are out of the barn, and I've missed a nice entry on a P2 setup.

ANY ADVICE FOR our BEGINNERS?: Be patient, and wait for the right opportunity to enter a trade. 
One of the biggest psychological struggles that you will have to overcome, is balancing greed against remorse. 
You need to have a mindset that you will lose some of your trading capital when you first start. Just think of it as a tuition payment. 
Spend lots of time on the mechanics of the executions, and force yourself to always enter a stop loss after you execute your trade. Do this with as few shares as possible (e.g., 10 shares), until you have the mechanics down cold, and you're confident in the e-broker that you use. Then, go out and make some real money! 

One final thought: it's really important to know what your exit strategy will be for the trade, BEFORE you get in! Things can happen too fast to figure this out in real time, and you tend to get too greedy and waste a good trade. It's hard to do this at first, because you're so excited and want to get in. 
However, it's essential to develop this discipline.

PERSONAL HOBBIES or PASSIONS: Can't tell you about the passions, but hobbies, yes! Favorite one is flying.

OTHER COMMENTS or REMARKS?: Never tasted a Krispy Kreme! Perhaps Pascal will treat me?



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