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   A few FLY FISHING pictures to share with you...
(from Pascal MONMOINE's personal album)

( voir texte partiel en Français ci-après)

    Some of these pictures might take a few minutes to download ... you can just enjoy looking at the first few pictures while the other ones are finishing to be downloaded from the servers...  
    Just imagine yourself sitting on one of those rocks, listening to the music of the river...  
    Just imagine (or "remember" if you already are a fly fishing addict like Pascal Monmoine is ;-) ) the soothing sound of a beautiful running river and enjoy and seize that moment ... before getting ready to look for your next trade.  
    Who said that we should try to go to heaven ... when it is right here, right within our reach ... if we just know where to look ;-)


Short story (just for fun...):
    A fisherman enters a fly fishing store managed by the local "Fly Fishing Master". He looks around and decides that he would like to buy some new flies. A couple of absolutely gorgeous flies carefully displayed on a glass shelf immediately catch his attention.
    They are absolutely splendid. They have been tied with bright colorful feathers, gold plated strings and a superb silver bead head which shines like a mirror.

    With a shy voice, the customer finally find the courage to ask the "Master"...
"Excuse me Sir! Are you sure that trouts will be attracted to those flies?..."

    To which the "Master" simply replies, "Sir, I do not sell flies to trouts ... I sell them to people !"

    Great lesson in human behaviors isn't it?...



   Before we start with some pure "fly fishing only" pictures ... let me share with you these few pictures which my father took on one of our last "father/son" fly fishing trips to the gorgeous waters of the Smith River, in Virginia.
   On that special trip, "crazy me" just decided to combine two of the greatest passions in my life, Trading and fly fishing ... all in one single moment !

   So on that day, I decided to add to my backpack, in addition to all my fly fishing gear ... my laptop and my cell phone.

Cliquez ici si vous souhaitez lire un texte en Français concernant ces photos...

   After a few hours of fishing for some gorgeous rainbows trouts, I decided to have some more fun and now spend a few minutes "fishing" for another kind of fish also known as "dollars" !

   That incredibly gorgeous setting was providing me with such a soothing and peaceful background noise (so different from CNBC screaming on a television set!... ).

My goal at that moment was certainly not by any means to trade "at my best" and to try to optimize the trade which I was going to make under such "special" circumstances...  All that I wanted to do was to make a quick trade for my own personal intellectual satisfaction of just being able to do such a cool thing under such unusual conditions...

   So that is precisely what I did, entering right away a "SHORT" trade on AMAT(Applied Materials) and closing it within 4 minutes with a 0.8% net profit (on margin) ... therefore making enough "$" to pay for our full day of fishing as well as a few other cool things ;-)))

   How could life be more fun and enjoyable than that?...
   Gorgeous surroundings, fishing quality time with my Dad, beautiful rainbows eager to take our flies ... and a SHORT trade in the middle of nowhere and lightyears away from the craziness of Wall Street making us enough money to pay for the whole thing!... 

   So many things to be grateful for!   

Here is a snapshot of the "Tools of the Trade" used for that trade and to catch that "fish" ;-) 
   Can you hear the river?...  can you feel that warm and nurturing sun?... Can you spot that rainbow trout swimming upstream?...    
I sincerely hope that you do ;-)




Let's now move on to some more traditional fly fishing pictures, without any "technology" around ;-) ...

Bull Head.jpg (158128 bytes)    "Bull Head" ... a beautiful run in Stone Mountain, NC.

   2 hours 20 minutes from Durham (depending on what you drive and how you drive it of course ;-) )


   Look for that pretty Brown hidden in that picture, quietly waiting to be released ... she knows that she will soon be free again!
   Both she and I know that I caught her ... and that's enough for each of us, without any need for useless killings.

   PLEASE practice "Catch and Release" ... and preserve our beautiful earth and all of its creatures.

Brown in water.jpg (120351 bytes)


   Nice 16" rainbow at the "Smith River" in Virginia (1 hr. 35mn. from Durham, NC) ...

   I release 99% of all the trouts which I catch but when my Mom is around, I better bring her a few back if I want to keep my title of "Good Son" ;-) ! 
   She loves to eat them as much as I love to catch them.

   And you know how the saying goes...   "Always do as your Mom tells you ... " so I did on that day!


   "Dan River" ... North Carolina.

   About 2hrs. 30mn. from Durham...

Dan River.jpg (162838 bytes)


Double on boat.jpg (92531 bytes)    Very lucky "DOUBLE STRIKE" on both of my nymphs at the same time ... pretty rare!

   This was "floating" the trophy section of the Watauga river in Tennessee. Definitely one of my favorite rivers ... 
   Floating it for just 1 day really makes you feel like if you had been gone on vacation for 1 week! (feel free to contact me if you need any referrals on the guides who I use ... or let me know when you want to go and why not go together?...).

   We can leave Durham one late afternoon, sleep in Boone, float the next day and come back to Durham that same evening. 
   A BLAST for such a short trip!!!!


   How come I look so small, wading the gorgeous "Holston River" ?... (also in Tennessee) Holston far background.jpg (106508 bytes)


   Ready to release that rainbow on the "Holston River", in Tennessee...


   Another gorgeous view of the "Holston River"...

   So peaceful!

Holston.jpg (113503 bytes)


Native Brown in Boone.jpg (51562 bytes)

   Native Brown in Boone, NC.


   Ready to release a beautiful Brook in Boone, NC.

Releasing at Boone.jpg (114681 bytes)


Smith Trophy.jpg (116471 bytes)    Trophy section of the "Smith River" in Virginia ... 1 hour 35' from Durham (also depending on how you drive and what you drive...)


   Stephanie, my 3 years old, learning to fly fish from my shoulders...
(they don't make w
aders for 3 years old yet and this is really too bad ;-) )

   We were in Cherokee, North Carolina.


   Trophy section of the "Watauga River" in Tennessee... (Nov. 3, 2000)

   Gorgeous 20 inches (50 centimeters) rainbow... eager to be released!


   Here is another recent trip on the gorgeous waters of the "Trophy Section" of the "Watauga River" in Tennessee... with a "little" rainbow buddy who I released right after taking that picture ... of course ;-)))
   My fishing count for that day was 58 trout "landed" ... and many more which I never touched ... better than any day at work right ?!! 

(well ... except if you consider "Trading" which is everything but "work" to me...)


If you have any scans of your personal FISHING pictures, feel free to e-mail them to me... I always love to look at fly fishing pictures... almost as much as I love to look at stock's charts ;-) 


    Fish on!!!     Got to go...





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