Special "COURSE  OWNER" Seminar Attendance (or Re-Attendance) Program

   After you will have purchased from our Website our "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE" or after you will have already attended one of our "Start Up" SEMINARS, please be aware that you will be eligible for our Special "COURSE OWNER" program.

Under this program you will be allowed to attend(or Re-attend) any of the  "Day Trading Start Up SEMINARS"  organized by PM Traders for a participation fee of ONLY $915 FOR THE FULL SEMINAR (instead of the regular fee of $1,500).

   Our goal by offering such a program is to allow you to progress as much as possible and as fast as possible, while also limiting your expenses as much as possible.
   So, if you decide to start by ordering right now our "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE" instead of attending one of our Seminars, but you find out at a later day that you actually have the opportunity to attend one of our Start Up Seminars (or simply decide to make the trip to come and meet us; Pascal always loves to meet our new Members in person...), you will be able to do so for only $915, in exactly the same conditions as our new attendees paying the full regular fee of $1,500.  
   As you will have already paid $585 for the COURSE we certainly did not want to charge you again the full price for attending a Seminar based on the same material.

   Attending one of those Seminars might, at that stage, help you to clarify some concepts and techniques.  Also, working on that same material again after having really started trading and after making your first trades will always be a very different experience as your mind will now be "ready" to receive much more information and perceive many more details than before you really started trading.


this special program applies only to our "Start Up" Seminars (not, of course, to any of our ADVANCED Seminars)

2- if you ever decide to attend one of our "Start Up" SEMINARS under that special program, please be aware that you will also be eligible, under that same program, to Re-ATTEND that same "Day Trading Start Up" seminar as many times as you want by paying only the $500 at every new seminar (and so
for a period of 2 years after the date of your first attendance)

3- if, upon attending this seminar, you would like to order a brand new copy of the latest version of the COURSE(as Pascal sometimes adds new material and updates to it), you will be able to do so for a fee of $50 (you will simply need to return to PM Traders your previous version of the Course)

4- this special program applies ONLY to the Seminars organized by PM Traders;  this program will not apply to seminars (in the USA or in foreign countries) taught by Pascal MONMOINE but offered/organized by companies other than PM Traders, Inc.