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    After years of preparation, Pascal MONMOINE has released his complete "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™ ".






    The publication of this PRIVATE COURSE is your opportunity to learn Pascal MONMOINE's very unique TRADING TECHNIQUES and PHILOSOPHY, without having to wait for one of the very rare seminars which he gives in the USA or in Europe.
    Whether you live a few states away ... or on another continent, you can now, for the first time, have full access to this material.
    Pascal decided to start writing this PRIVATE COURSE when, pursuant to lots of Media coverage about his work (click here for more details), he received many requests from people who wanted to learn his techniques, but who lived too far away to attend one of his private seminars. 
   This COURSE will teach you, STEP BY STEP, a COMPLETE METHOD of DAY TRADING in Pascal's VERY UNIQUE trading style and philosophy ...
    What you will learn will be radically different from the traditional techniques taught by the "day trading firms" that you read about in the Media or from traditional "day trading" books available in bookstores.  
    What you will learn will be VERY DIFFERENT, both in terms of the techniques explained, as well as in regard to our overall
trading philosophy and goals.

    A tour of our Website should have convinced you by now of how DIFFERENT we are from these traditional "day trading" firms and books and their so called "day traders"...

    The "PRIVATE DAY TRADING START UP" SEMINARS which Pascal gives from time to time consist essentially of him explaining all of the details of his techniques and philosophy as you will find them in this written COURSE
    So, if you decide to order his COURSE rather than to travel to one of his seminars, you will actually not miss any critical material, except of course the "live" experience of seeing Pascal personally explain all of his techniques, and the opportunity to ask him questions (which you can also do by e-mail anyway after you purchase his Course).  

  We decided to publish this course so that YOU COULD HAVE FULL ACCESS TO THIS MATERIAL WITHIN A FEW DAYS, without having to wait for Pascal MONMOINE's next Seminar.  

That way, you can


Please note that the material from this
as the material studied during our live SEMINARS


   Please click here to learn about our special "COURSE OWNER" Seminar Attendance PROGRAM.


   Here is some more information about our PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE...

  WHO is that PRIVATE COURSE for ?...
... it is for a
nyone SERIOUSLY interested in getting started in a VERY UNIQUE STYLE of DAY TRADING (very different from the style that is usually depicted in the Media!).  

   If you are really looking for some kind of "get rich quick" or "just buy our secret techniques for $5,000 and we'll guarantee you to make millions" scheme, our Course is definitely not for you!

   If, on the other hand, you are smart enough to realize how complex successful trading can be, but yet are SERIOUSLY interested in giving your best shot at grabbing pieces of the billions of dollars which are traded every single day ... then this COURSE should be perfect for you!

   Whether you do not know anything about the stock market or trading, or you already have some trading experience, this COURSE will take you, step by step, through Pascal MONMOINE's VERY UNIQUE TRADING TECHNIQUES and PHILOSOPHY.


  WHAT are the MAIN GOALS of this PRIVATE COURSE ?...
The first goal of this Course is to help SAVE YOU TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by teaching you HOW TO AVOID MOST OF THE MAJOR MISTAKES which most inexperienced or new traders make. 

   In any kind of business, NOTHING will ever "GUARANTEE THAT YOU MAKE MONEY," and you should run away from anyone or any business advertising otherwise, as they are simply insulting your intelligence...
   But what we can honestly tell you to start with is that if, for example, YOU DO NOT APPLY some of our "NEVER AGAIN" rules explained in this Course, YOU WILL THEN BE ALMOST GUARANTEED to LOSE lots and lots of money... and maybe even LOSE ALL of your trading capital!
   There are many critical concepts and techniques which you absolutely need to know about trading the stock market, and you can either learn them the hard way as Pascal Monmoine did when he began trading, wasting tens of thousands of dollars in the process ... or you can try to learn from our Course how to deal with many of those vicious and costly traps, and hopefully waste much less money and time. 

   The choice is yours of course...

You will learn, amongst many other things:

  • HOW TO select the right stocks to trade (so many beginners trade the WRONG stocks for months or years or pick them at random, just because they "like them," which is, of course, a recipe for disaster)...
  • HOW TO look for the perfect entry point for your trades...
  • HOW TO efficiently manage your trades...
  • HOW TO find the perfect exit for your trades...
  • HOW TO manage your emotions, actions and reactions...

    ...and so many other techniques and concepts.

 Third, and not least, this Course should provide you with something which is absolutely CRITICAL if you want to have any chance to survive and to hopefully succeed in the Trading World: a very specific "GAME PLAN."   

   What we mean by "game plan" is that this Course will provide you with a VERY SPECIFIC STRATEGY to start and progress in your Trading journey. 
   It will explain to you in detail what to do, what to avoid and why, always based on common sense, and not on some extravagant theories.

   Starting right away to trade with the knowledge and support of this TRADING STRATEGY will help you to focus on what might actually make all the difference between a successful trader and one losing money: SELF CONTROL and DISCIPLINE.

   If you decide to approach the stock market without any trading strategy, you will, as most beginners do, enter a very costly process in which you start trading by using some kind of "trading system". 
   Once that "system" stops working, you will then start to look for something else, somewhere else and you will repeat that terrible process over and over again without really progressing one inch!  
   Our Course should definitely help you to avoid that suicidal situation. It will help you fight the extremely destructive concept that "the grass is always greener somewhere else."
(please note that, unlike what most people think, finding a great "trading system" should never be your primary goal - it only represents a very small part of an OVERALL STRATEGY( like the one that we offer) and which is what you should actually be looking for)

   This Course will teach you in DETAIL all of the  BASICS  of trading: things as simple as learning how to efficiently use all the various kinds of ORDERS (Market, Stops and Limit), or learning where to obtain (for FREE) all the NEWS that you will ever need, etc... 

It will also progressively take you to much more  ADVANCED  material, like learning how to "SHORT" stocks (which is absolutely critical to learn and master, and really not any more difficult than going "long" once you really know what you are doing - we promise you that you will remember forever the very fist "short" Trade that you will make and which will make you feel so great and so proud as you will have done "the right thing", you will have followed the right trend on that day where everything will be diving and you will have left forever that huge 98% group of traders and investors who never go "short" and who are so wrong about that!).
   You will also learn why Pascal does not read the Wall Street Journal, Investor Business Daily or any other similar publication...  

   Once again, his unique trading techniques are designed to TRADE ON FACTS, TRADE ON WHAT IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING ... AND NOT on "OPINIONS" (whether it is your own opinion or those of newspapers, TV reporters, stock brokers or friends with "hot tips"...).

   This approach is certainly very DIFFERENT from anything that you could have read or seen before!...


   WHY is this PRIVATE COURSE so DIFFERENT from others ?...
  • Many of our Members told us that one of the main things that they really love about this Course is that everything explained in it "just makes sense"...   
    We do not teach or use complex or strange "theories" which some mathematician or statistician invented one day while in the shower.  No!  Everything that we teach is based on ACTUAL TRADING EXPERIENCE and the testing of hundreds of trades. 
    Everything that you learn should really "make sense to you" ... if not, then of course please do not use it.  You should never blindly trust anything or anyone.
    When you read Pascal MONMOINE's concepts and techniques
    you should really find yourself thinking, "Hum! That makes so much sense! This is a great idea! Of course I should use this and do that!..."  We are active TRADERS ... not theoreticians. 

  • If you have already been through our whole Website, you should know by now how DIFFERENT our approach to the stock market is ... as well as our approach to life in general.
    And if you did not... then please get started right now
    by clicking on all the buttons on our "1st VISIT" menu (top left of your screen or click here)
    We would really like you to read everything available and familiarize yourself with our life and trading philosophies to make sure that they fit your needs and your life goals before deciding to order our Course.

  • One of the main things we want you to remember is that OUR PRIMARY GOAL IS TO TRADE TO TRY TO REACH a BETTER LIFE and a BETTER LIFESTYLE ! (NOT to become a slave to our trading like so many so-called Day Traders have done.)  

       We want to try to make money while having as much fun as possible, yet still maintain TOTAL FREEDOM in our lives and in our businesses... 
       This is, of course, totally different from starting any other kind of business in which you quickly become subjected to so many PROBLEMS and HEADACHES that you must deal with every hour and every day: employees, customers, sales, marketing, suppliers, products to manufacture, advertising, offices, payrolls, hiring, firing,  etc... NONE OF THAT WITH TRADING!


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