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Stock Trader Completes 97 Consecutive Winning Trades
as proof that efficient trading is not gambling

(netting the equivalent of a 259% profit)

Durham, NC - To prove to himself and to the general public that his unique stock trading concepts are not gambling, a Durham, NC trader recently completed an unprecedented 12-month challenge - and netted the equivalent of a 259% profit.

    "So many people look at the risks of stock trading and all the media attention that failed day traders receive, and conclude that day trading is little more than gambling," said Pascal Monmoine, president of PM Traders Inc., a Durham, NC based company that teaches stock market trading techniques to everyday investors. "I created and undertook the ' Winners Only Challenge' to prove to people that knowledge, technique and self discipline are much more important than luck when it comes to the stock market."

    On December 7, Monmoine set out to defy the odds - and conventional wisdom -- by proving that highly efficient trading had nothing to do with gambling. He succeeded by making 97 consecutive winning trades over a one-year period on one of his personal IRA accounts. The equivalent compounded return of those 97 trades totaled 259%.

    The Challenge began when a television reporter asked Monmoine a question often heard in day trading circles: "Pascal, isn't trading just like gambling?"

    "It was a legitimate question," said Monmoine. "I knew the answer was no, but could offer no real proof. That's when I decided to invent the 'Winners Only Challenge,'" he said. 

    To meet the Challenge, Monmoine used a combination of pure day trading techniques as well as overnight trades - where positions are held as needed for several days or weeks. In order to make the Challenge as realistic as possible, Monmoine used a traditional IRA. As a result, he used no short selling or margin trading during the Challenge which substantially limited his profit potential.

    "At the time I began the Challenge, active trading -- and day trading in particular -- received a lot of negative press, mainly due to what we like to refer to as those 'crazy day traders,'" said Monmoine. "These people trade frantically - hundreds of times a day sometimes. Sadly, often the only winner is the broker collecting commissions."

    The active trading techniques Monmoine teaches to his students at PM Traders differ from traditional approaches in several significant ways. First, his philosophy emphasizes quality of trades over quantity. Also, he doesn't tell his students which stock to trade, as many day trading gurus do. Instead, he teaches them to recognize certain market signals that tell them when to trade. His proprietary systems are the result of years of research and a strong desire to make stock trading truly accessible to the masses. PM Traders only teaches trading techniques. The company does not offer brokerage services, and sells no trading software or expensive newsletters. 

    "What we teach and what our members from all over the world practice every day is totally different from what most people know as day trading; our trading style is one of peacefulness and enjoyment," he said. "We teach a philosophy of very thorough "preparation homework" and picking every trade with extreme carefulness," he said. "This Challenge proves our philosophy makes a huge difference in your final result and profits."

    "Any trader will tell you that five or 10 consecutive winning trades is very rare. And 97 in a row is just about unheard of. The Challenge was important because in our personal lives as well as in the trading world, setting a so-called 'unreachable' personal goal is often the best way there is to prove to ourselves our real capacities."

    Of the 97 trades made during the Challenge, all were winners. " I didn't even have one that only broke even, and all the credit goes to disciplined, efficient trading techniques," he said.

    Through Durham, NC-based PM Traders, Pascal Monmoine hosts a limited number of seminars annually. If you would like to be informed of the date of his next seminar, please send an e-mail to: 
    Individuals can learn Monmoine's techniques by attending one of his seminars or ordering his "Day Trading Start Up Course" from the PM Traders website, .

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Some FACTS about that Challenge...

Total number of TRADES: 97
Number of LOSING TRADES: 0
How long did that Challenge last: 1 year
% of pure "day trades": 75%
% of "overnight" trades: 25%
Number of different stocks traded: 23
Average % return per trade: 1.54%


    Here are now two examples showing you the NET PROFIT
(in $) and the NET RETURN (in %) which would have been generated by those 97 trades, over a 1 YEAR period, had they been applied to a starting capital of $20,000 or to a starting capital of $100,000...  (please click here to read all the details and technicalities about that Challenge and to learn how those examples were calculated

Starting capital: $20,000

net PROFIT in 1 year (in $)

net RETURN in 1 year (in %) 259%

 Ending capital: $71,917


Starting capital: $100,000

net PROFIT in 1 year (in $)

net RETURN in 1 year (in %) 273%

 Ending capital: $373,589

We believe that this series of amazing trades speaks for itself 
and made Pascal's point as clear as it gets: 

Highly efficient trading ... has nothing to do with gambling! "

Please click on the following picture to see the complete listing of all those trades...


  The goal of this particular Challenge was to line up as many "winners" as possible, not to obtain the highest net % return possible (even though most mutual fund managers and financial advisors dream every night of achieving such returns for their clients...).

    What Pascal mostly learned from this Challenge about his own trading is that doing a very thorough preparation " homework" and picking every trade with extreme carefulness can really make a huge difference in your final result and profits.  He proved and realized that If you really invest all of your intelligence and experience in selecting your trades, if you are disciplined enough to "pass" on all the uncertain ones which always try to mess with your mind, you can really reach some pretty amazing trading results.  That kind of highly efficient trading requires of course a lot of intellectual and emotional efforts which we might not, as human beings, be willing to use on each and everyone of our trades...

It is also very important to note that reaching a 259% return as in this example through 97 trades, is much more important and worthy than reaching the same return by buying an IPO or an unknown Internet stock and having the luck of "hitting the jackpot" and seeing it run up by pure luck.  
    Any individual wishing to really become a CONSISTENT trader and to be able to keep making money in any kind of market, day in day out, every week and every month, can NOT rely on such "luck" of course.  He/she must learn to master the Art of CONSISTENTLY PULLING OUT REASONABLE PROFITS, which, compounded, will add up to some pretty outstanding yearly returns.  
    As Pascal always reminds his Members and students " want to learn how to build your castle one brick at a time... not take a huge chance (and gamble) on building it in one big "lucky" trade...".  You want to become an EFFICIENT and SELF RELIABLE TRADER, NOT just "take a chance" like gamblers do.  Trading is all about self-control and discipline, not pure luck!  

    Obviously, the results of this Challenge do not mean in any way that Pascal is guaranteed to be able to replicate that performance for the coming twenty years… (he will certainly do his best to do so and to do even better but there is not such a thing as a "guarantee" in the trading World).  
    Also, those results are not meant to be representative in any way of the performance of Pascal’s other trading accounts.  The intensity and amount of homework which was required to achieve that Challenge would be hard to apply indefinitely on a daily basis.  It would be way too demanding intellectually to be applied to every single trade, on several accounts and for the rest of his life.  It would be a little like if your employer required you to work at your absolute best, every single day and every single hour of your work like, for the coming twenty years.  You might be able to do it for a few weeks or a few months but certainly not for ever.   
    The fact that Pascal also constantly use all of his trading accounts to test and develop new techniques will explain why he decided to stop that Challenge after a year and after having well made his point.
   Also, as that series of trades will show, Pascal used a combination of Day Trading, Overnight Trading and traditional Investing techniques to achieve that result.
    Obviously also, in order to reach that kind of performance, Pascal used absolutely EVERYTHING that he knew at that time (ALL of his trading knowledge and experience) and did not limit himself to only one or two techniques or concepts.  His "homework" in selecting all those trades was very extensive and many trading criteria had to be met in order for him to enter each trade.

    Publishing this series of trades does not mean of course in any way that we want to mislead you to believe that anyone can also obtain that kind of performance.  We do NOT recommend to anyone to apply the same rules and restrictions than those of this Challenge to their own trading as, in many situations, it is more efficient (in terms of protecting your capital and reaching the highest possible overall returns) to take a small loss when needed and to move on to the next winning trade.      
    The results of those trades are not in ANY WAY a recommendation to trade that way and they are not in any way meant to be EDUCATIONAL;  they should only taken for what they are, which is a simple listing of the trades of Pascal MONMOINE on one of his accounts, during a certain period of time a few years ago, and which was used for a specific personal challenge.




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