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Why are we "DIFFERENT" ? ...

   Unlike most websites, our goal is certainly not to grow as fast as possible and "at any cost" (by "cost" we mean disregarding the quality of our products and services or decreasing our personal quality of life).

    Pascal MONMOINE's main philosophy and goal for himself and for our MEMBERS is to ACHIEVE a SUPERIOR LIFESTYLE through the intelligent use of EXPERT TRADING TECHNIQUES.  
    It is not to have more and more individuals learn and use his techniques just for the sake of it. 
    His quality of life has always been his priority and always will be ... and his most sincere wish is, for as many of our Members as possible, to be able to reach the lifestyle of their dreams.

    Our ultimate goal is a life of total FREEDOM of time and place, without any boss, employees or co-workers. A goal of ultimate freedom means, for example, for Pascal to be able to trade from his home in North Carolina, from the South of France (where he goes on vacation for one month every year and can trade the open of the US market at 3.30pm local time) or from anywhere else in the World. 

    No boss to answer to, no
employees to manage, no products to manufacture, nothing to sell or market, no customers to find and please, no suppliers to squeeze, almost no overhead and no commuting... a chance at a very enjoyable life with an even more enjoyable lifestyle.

    The goal for many of our Members is also to finally "be doing something that they REALLY LOVE and ENJOY!" 
One of our Members favorite saying is never "Thank God it's Friday" ... but always "Thank God it's Monday!"

    You will know that you are finally doing something that you really LOVE in your life when you just won't be able to wait for the next morning to come ... and that's exactly what happens to many of our Members.

    One of Pascal's favorite sayings is "LIFE is about LIVING, NOT about WORKING," and trading certainly does not feel at all like "working" to him or to many of our Members... 
LIFE should always be about having fun and lots of quality time with your loved ones. 
It should be about having lots of free time to do whatever it is that you love to do (for example, for Pascal, it is
doing lots of activities with his two children, painting, playing piano, fly fishing in the mountains, etc.).

So, once again, please remember that our main goal is always one of FREEDOM and HAPPINESS ... it is never about making more money just for the sake of it. 

    If all that you are interested in is money, you will not find many soul mates in our group. If you are wiser than that, then we will be honored to have you join us. 

We use the market and day trading as the most fun and powerful tool that we know of to try to reach the lifestyle of our dreams... we try to make the MARKET WORKS FOR US, NEVER the other way around.

    If given a choice, would you prefer to ...

A /   Make $20,000 a month ... WORKING 6 days a week ?
B /   Make $10,000 a month ... TRADING 3 days a week ?  

    The only "right" and wise answer (at least for us...) is of course  as how good is it to earn $20,000  a month IF YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE TIME TO ENJOY IT ?

    You will find on this Website a few of the numerous testimonials that we receive from our Members...
They talk for themselves about the efficiency of the techniques that we teach and which YOU can also decide to learn.
    Those testimonials are the objective witness to what our Members think of Pascal Monmoine as a person and as a mentor, how they value his techniques as a money making tool, and how they benefit from his genuine concern in their personal progress...
    One of Pascal's main goal REALLY IS YOUR SUCCESS as you will read in so many of these testimonials.

    We would like you to use our techniques extensively to try to reach whatever individual goals you might have for your own life... 
    You could use them to trade only a few hours per month to try to generate some extra money and to have lots of fun in the process, or you might want to try to replace your current income and gain total freedom in the process, as well as finally "do something that you really love that makes you jump out of bed every morning."
Your personal goal might also be to try to shoot for the moon and aim at making millions of dollars in the market. Why not?
    All those choices are yours to make...

    Also, we can almost hear you wonder...
"Why did they pick blue clouds for the background of their website instead of something much more Finance /Wall Street looking like most other trading websites? ..." 
    Well, this beautiful sky simply means HAPPINESS and
    We are not interested at all in the "very serious and dark" look and feeling of Wall Street and of the financial World.  All these people who takes themselves way too seriously and whose goals of money, power and ego are just so far away from our own life journey...   
    Wearing shorts and a t-shirt in a hammock also just feels so much better than wearing suspenders in a highly stressed environment...  Everyone's choice of course!

    Please just remember that FREEDOM is really our number one priority.  Our ultimate goal, joy and privilege really is to DO WHATEVER WE LIKE, WHENEVER WE LIKE and with WHOMEVER WE LIKE. These are some of our most precious luxuries. 
And in the pursuit of all those goals, this blue sky is just another step for us ... certainly not "the limit!"  

    You might also be surprised to learn that Pascal Monmoine does not listen to CNBC, read the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily or any similar financial publications ... and he will explain to you WHY in our PRIVATE COURSE or at one of our SEMINARS. Like most of our Members, you will be amazed and intrigued by his explanation, but you will soon realize how much sense it all really makes. 

    As we said before, our Trading techniques and Trading philosophy really ARE VERY DIFFERENT from others...


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