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WHAT you will NOT find on our Website ? ...

    Unlike most other Trading websites, we do not offer and will never try to sell you "dreams of quick and easy money"...  Pascal Monmoine will always tell you things just the way they are, without any unethical promises of quick and easy profits, without ever telling you that Trading is easy and simple or without ever making you think that everyone and anyone can make lots of money Trading. 

    We intentionally did not overload our website with numerous data about general economic news, stock quotes (which we do not use anyway as we only use real time CHARTS), etc.  All that data which we usually consider as "noise" is available just about everywhere else on the Web, so there is no need to duplicate it on our Website.

    We always keep our website "straight to the point" and only offer to our Members "ready to use" material, information and data. Our goal is to try to teach you how to trade efficiently ... NOT to distract your brain with useless data just for the sake of it.  
Too many people spend most of their time always looking for something "new", some new source of "precious" or "insider" or "secret" information which, they think and want to believe, will give them an edge and an advantage againts other Traders... instead of that, we are only interested in strongly focusing on a limited amount of information and data, very intelligently selected, and then making all of it "work" in a context that can indeed work and has the maximum chances to produce the results that we are looking after: profits.    
    Our only interest and focus is to trade as efficiently as we can and to always refine and perfect our Trading ... we are not "data/information collectors" and we never think that "always more data" will make us better Traders as it just never will.  

    We strongly believe that EFFICIENT TRADING requires a peaceful and clear state of mind in a peaceful and clear environment
(by "environment" we mean the place where you are trading from, whether it is in your home, in a hammock or in any other place which makes you really efficient, happy and fullfilled!).

    We are NOT, unlike so many other trading courses, going to tell you that we will send you 15 audio tapes of 90 minutes each, 12 video tapes, 3 books of 500 pages each, teach you 43 "systems", 92 "indicators," etc.
    If you need "quantity" to feel good when you purchase something, then our PRIVATE COURSE and our trading philosophy just might not be for you...  Instead, we are only interested in "quality".  

    Everything included in our PRIVATE COURSE is especially designed to be as efficient as possible. 
    We are interested in new stock "Traders" (or aspiring Traders) to join our group, not "manual readers", "theoreticians".

    As we will often tell you, Trading efficiently is hard and we don't just see how you could expect to have the slightest chance to become successful at it if, for every Trade that you are trying to make, you first need to decide "Which of the 43 systems that I learned am I going to use for this trade?...", "Which of the 28 "Secret" indicators that I bought from this website am I going to use?..." etc.  By the time that you will have finally decided which one to use ... we will already have been in and out of that same trade with, hopefully, a profit for us to keep and spend.

    Unlike many Websites or "gurus", we will also NEVER tell you or lead you to believe that "TRADING is very easy!...",  or that "ANYONE can become a great trader with our secret techniques !...", or that "All you have to do to become very rich is to apply our techniques!...".  Certainly not!  Too many websites are using this kind of unethical advertising and this is really diametrically opposed to our approach of teeling you things just the way they are, telling you objectively and realistically what is possible and what is not.

    As we have said many times before, the truth is that successfull Day Trading is difficult.
    Trading is much more an ART than a science.   Just applying A + B + C will never be enough (or a computer could trade for you 24/7...).  Your personal intelligence and skills will have to be used at the very best of their capacities on every single one of your Trades. 
    Successfull trading requires many very special skills and talents that you may or may not have. 
    We will try to TEACH YOU and SHARE with you AS MUCH as possible and as much as you will be willing to learn, but there are of course NO GUARANTEES about how successful (or unsuccessful) you will become, and there never will be.  Anyone or any company promising you otherwise is simply lying to you and insulting your intelligence.
    Worthy things in life are rarely easy to master and acquire. They always require focus, knowledge and discipline ... and Trading is no exception to that principle.

    On the other hand, for those of you who will be both lucky and skilled enough to succeed (and who, like in any other business, will be a minority), TRADING from the comfort of your own home might very well bring you the LIFESTYLE OF YOUR DREAMS, regardless of your age, sex, religion, resume or past.
    Trading can really be a TOTALLY REVOLUTIONARY way to try to earn a living... 
It would have been totally unconceivable only 10 years ago, but the Internet, the very low brokerage commissions and the increased volatility in the markets (which we use daily to our personal advantage)
made it all possible. 

How many "jobs" or businesses do you know of which can succeed without any employees, with no boss, no co-workers, no commuting, no pre-defined working hours, no product to make or sell, no customers to please, no suppliers to squeeze and unlimited vacations?  
    A "job" where YOU can finally decide where you and your family are going to live (whether the location of your dreams is Santa Barbara, North Carolina, Hawaii or... Bora Bora, the choice will be all YOURS!). 
A job where it won't be any longer your employer's personal agenda which will send you and your family, like a manipulated puppet, around the US or around the World ... and for their sole benefit. 
    How good are corporate jobs when they can always "Thank you..." after 20 years, even though you were always a great and dedicated employee, simply because of a merger or because the brother of the CEO's golf buddy needed a job ?... 

    TRADING might finally let you LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR CHOICE, see your loved ones everyday and enjoy living and growing with them! 
    You may no longer need to have the school teacher, your neighbors and your baby-sitter raise your children instead of you... as it now happens way too often in our crazy "always on the run" society and families.  

    Now the MAJOR difference between that "business" and most other businesses that you could think of starting is that, if and when you succeed at it, you will gain your financial independance of course but this is not the most important.  What is really the ULTIMATE LUXURY and REWARD is that you will gain your FREEDOM.  
    A TOTAL FREEDOM of doing whatever you want, whenever you want and from any location in the World of your choice. 
    In the vast majority (if not all) of "traditional" businesses, think about the fact that even if you succeed, your "success" will usually end up making you a total SLAVE to what you will have worked so hard to create... you will have become a slave to your employees, a slave to your board, a slave to your investors, a slave to your customers, a slave to your competitors etc... that is a fact and a reality.  Look around you... how many "successfull" people do you know who do indeed have that ultimate luxury called FREEDOM?...

    So in that sense, as well as in many other ways, the "business model" of "day trading" really is just as amazing as it is unique...

    As you must have understood by now, our main goal has never been to "MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT ANY COST"!  
    If one day we make that kind of money... then great!  We'll certainly find ways to spend them (or our spouses and children will ;-) ... but WE are wise and smart enough to realize that we DO NOT "NEED" them... and that's a huge difference in our thinking and in our goals as compared to most others.
    And we certainly never want any of these "millions" either if the "cost" of obtaining them means wasting and sacrificing a major part of our life and the lives of our loved ones. 
    Our unique approach to Trading might indeed be an amazing way to try to balance all these goals which, in Pascal Monmoine's opinion, really is what life is all about... 

Our main goal will always be one of FREEDOM... 

FREEDOM of being, of thinking and of living !

    Maybe we will have the pleasure and honor to have you join our group of Traders very soon.  We will be delighted to welcome you...

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