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you might already know ? ...

    Our Day Trading philosophy and techniques are really VERY DIFFERENT from the "traditional" day trading style, which is also, unfortunately, the one most commonly depicted by the Media and perceived by the general public.

  • "THEY" (these "traditional day traders") gather by the dozens in computer war rooms, eyes glued to their screen for 6 1/2 hours...
  • "THEY" are highly stressed and are even afraid to take 5 minutes off their trading to go to the bathroom, scared that their positions will go against them and make them lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in those few minutes... 
  • "THEY" do HUNDREDS of trades per day... and "guarantee" lots of profits to only one person, their broker(through tens of thousands of dollars of commissions)
  • "THEY" only do DAY TRADES and no SHORT TERM trading (positions held a few days/weeks)


  • "WE" trade from the comfort of our own home (or hammock, backyard, beachside, middle of a trout stream, hotel rooms on vacation in Europe etc.  ... almost anywhere!...)
  • "WE" protect our positions with "Smart Stop Loss™" orders so that we can ENJOY OUR LIFE while the markets are moving (play with our children, read, paint, fish, golf ... whatever it is that we enjoy doing...)
  • "WE" tremendously enjoy our Trading and we trade with very little stress (or even none) as we do not REACT to the market, but instead we ACT on our positions and our emotions...
  • "WE" do VERY FEW trades per day (1 to 5 as an average)...
  • "WE" do DAY TRADES of course, but we also learn and practice "Overnight trading1" as an important complement (positions held a few days/weeks)...

    ... and so many other differences wich you will learn and appreciate if you decide to join us.

    Pascal Monmoine designed his whole trading philosophy in such a different and unique way simply because it fit his personal goals of having a chance to reach a great lifestyle with an almost total freedom of living, being and thinking.

   The basic concept of "DAY TRADING" is to take positions in specific stocks for a few minutes or a few hours, but to ALWAYS CLOSE those positions before the market close, on the very SAME DAY that you entered them.
  The major advantage of this form of trading is that you never expose your capital to the major "GAPS" which happen, in the morning, at the open on most stocks. 
(GAPS =difference between the price of a stock at the open and the price of that same stock at the previous market's close)

How many times did you buy a stock, only to see it open(gap) down 15%, 30% or even 50% the next morning because of some really bad news on that company (or its industry) which was released after the market closed?... You are then "stuck" in that position and that can often last a very long time. Your money and your emotions are now "slaves" to the market's mood and this is always a very painful and very costly situation. 
    Maybe you are unfortunate enough to know that recurring "investor's" nightmare... as soon as you buy a stock, it starts to go down!!!???...

    When you "Day Ttrade" efficiently, we also believe that you are in a much stronger position than traditional investors as they rarely know how to EFFICIENTLY TAKE THEIR PROFITS or TAKE THEIR LOSSES as needed. 
    They are usually totally dependent on the market and its mood. If their stock goes up 5% today and goes back down 5% tomorrow, they will be back to zero ... while we might have made SOME PROFIT on the way UP and SOME MORE PROFIT on the way DOWN and those profits will be OURS to keep, credited to our account, in cash!
    To us, it just seems that traditional "buy and hold" investing might actually be much more difficult to "control" than Day Trading... When you invest, you have to be realistic enough to realize that you do NOT control much... you just HOPE that, over a long period of time, your stock will go up.  And that's exactly what it is -- HOPING! 
    That point of view might surprise you at first, but please think about it ... and you might start to understand what we mean.

    As an efficient Day Trader, if a stock tanks 10% in 2 hours, you will know exactly how to deal with it, both emotionally and money wise. Even if you initially entered that trade on the "wrong" side and you were "LONG" on it (meaning that you BOUGHT that stock), you will know exactly how to take a small loss on your initial position (maybe 0.5-1% for example) and then possibly REVERSE and go SHORT with it to actually end the day with a NET PROFIT.  You will be "ACTIVE" ... while the traditional investor, with all his subjective "opinions," extensive financial statements, analysis, and lack of trading knowledge and discipline will be DOWN 10% on his capital, highly depressed and powerless!  
    Does it now start to make more sense?...

    There is also the constant major question to us of "How do INVESTORS make money when the market is choppy, tanks or crash?..." As of now, the only answer that we have is that they just DON'T ! 
    They either LOSE MONEY and/or they are stuck on an emotional roller coaster which is always very painful and costly.

    To us, whether the market goes up, down or is choppy, does not matter at all. 
We simply "SHORT" stocks (the technique of SELLING a stock before you BUY it) as needed.  It is not any more complex than "BUYING" (once you know what you are doing of course! Please see the table of contents of our PRIVATE COURSE for more details). 

    For our Members, ANY KIND OF MARKET is a "GREAT MARKET", full of opportunities to have fun and make money ... unlike investors who can only enjoy bull markets.

    If you really want to make money in the stock market and to be able to do so in ANY KIND OF MARKET, the question is never "Should you SHORT ?..." but it really is "HOW do we short?...
    Deciding to become seriously involved with the markets and not knowing how to SHORT is exactly like buying a car which can ONLY MAKE RIGHT TURNS... you might be able to drive it somehow but you are going to miss a lot of opportunities to go to some great places! 
    In the stock market, it is a reality that you will simply miss a LOT of profits if you do not learn how take "SHORT" positions.       

    It is also very important that you know that we always measure our trading results in % (percentages), and not in "$ amounts" as too many traders do...  
    This way, we can really measure how well (or how poorly) we are doing compared to our own track record, compared to other traders, compared to the stock market as a whole, or compared to any other kind of investment. In addition, this allows our members trading with $5,000 to be able to totally relate to those trading with $1,000,000. 

    Another very important reason for this is that many of our techniques use "%" figures so that they will apply in the same manner to any stocks whether they are at $200 or at $20. 
    You will too often hear beginners or inexperienced traders say "I'll set my STOP at 1/2 point..."  "If it goes down 1/4 I am out " etc., which of course is as inefficient as it is irrelevant:  1/2 point on IBM at $100 is certainly not the same as 1/2 point on COMPAQ at $15... don't you agree?




( 1 "Overnight Trading" : Specific rules and techniques apply to that form of Trading.  They will be the object of a separate COURSE which is in the process of being written
Specific rules and techniques apply to that form of Trading.  They will be the object of a separate COURSE which is in the process of being written



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