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    Pascal MONMOINE's techniques used to be only available through PRIVATE SEMINARS, which he gave exclusively in North Carolina.

    Based on numerous requests and extensive media coverage, he then started to also give private seminars overseas as well...

    A native from France, Pascal MONMOINE decided to give up a very promising corporate career and comfortable lifestyle to come to the USA over 15 years ago with two pieces if luggage and a head full hopes and dreams.  He desperately wanted to find a place where the "sky REALLY is the limit..." in terms of being allowed to create for himself and his family the lifestyle of his choice in a very positive environment, unlike the way things are in Europe. 
    Many years later, most (if not all) of his dreams have become realities including the intense joy of having become a very proud American citizen and having made once more the "American Dream" concept a reality for one more immigrant to our so wonderful land of freedom and opportunities.

Pascal Monmoine has been featured...

  • on the front page of the Money section of the "Herald-Sun"...

  • several times on the front page of the Business section of the "News & Observer"...

  • in the World famous European economic newspaper " Le Monde"...

  • many times on "ABC News TELEVISION - Raleigh" which, after the last stock market crash of august 98, labeled him as "The man who conquered the volatility of the stock market from the comfort of his own home ..."

  • on "CBS News TELEVISION - Raleigh"...

  • on "BLOOMBERG TELEVISION - Europe"...

    ... and in a wide variety of other media, both in the USA as well as in various foreign countries.

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on Media coverage and TELEVISION interviews


    Initially, a very selected group of individuals started learning his techniques through the very limited private seminars which he started giving due to so many requests. 

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    Based on the success of these seminars as well as on the success of some of his first students and on so many more individuals who wanted to learn his very unique approach, he decided to write a very complete and extremely  detailed STEP by STEP COURSE (his "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up Course™").  

    That Course was going to finally make the very same material than what he was teaching during his seminars, also available to many more Traders, both in the USA as well as in other countries (his Course has now been used to train Traders in over 58 different countries).    

     This complete COURSE is now available from this Website or through Pascal Monmoine's very rare seminars.


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