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blinking button 2 colors.gif (3383 bytes)  A few EXAMPLES of TRADES made by some of our MEMBERS...

    As we explained previously, most of our Trading is based on IDENTIFYING VERY SPECIFIC SET UPS on the REAL TIME CHARTS of VERY PRECISELY SELECTED STOCKS.

    During the Trading day, our Members frequently send by e-mail some of their Trades to Pascal Monmoine.  He then selects some of them with an educational value and then occasionally share some of them by email with all of our Members so that they can also see what other Traders are doing and also learn from them as well.

    By clicking here you will be able to access another section of our Website where a few of these Trades will be featured in order to give you a general idea of how some of our Members are Trading... (obviously, all of our Members (including Pascal Monmoine, of course) also make many losing trades as well, and we certainly do not want to mislead you in any way to think that our Members make only profitable trades -- that is certainly not the case and "losing" Trades are of course an essential part of any efficient Trading strategy). 

   If you click here you will also be able to watch the "LIVE" simulation of a few of the thousands of Trades made by Pascal Monmoine on his personal Trading accounts. 

    We are often asked questions in the sense of "... if I become very good at Trading, what kind of profits can I expect to make?...".  Our decision to share with you these few examples of Trades from some of our Members should provide you with a generic answer to that question even though our Trading records and skills will always be as different as we all are as individuals.

    Please also be aware that, thanks to the Worldwide availability of the Internet, our Members Trade today from over 58 different countries, some being as far as far as Hungary, Thailand or even Australia (click here for more details).  
    As long as we will be able to find an Internet access (whether through wired lines or with wireless set ups), we will always be able to Trade from just about anywhere in the World and this is really an incredible concept with nothing less than mind blowing possibilities in terms of how to make money and how to make a living !!!  

    Talk about a really incredibly amazing "business" which could give you an almost total FREEDOM of being and FREEDOM of living !... Trading might very well be the infinitely powerful answer to that, depending on your personal skills...

    We decided to also list here under a few more examples of older Trades made by some of our Members during the "exhuberant" and incredibly profitable so called "" era ... 
    Everything is of course much more "reasonnable" in today's markets and our profit's expectations have been proportionally adjusted but it is always exciting to see how efficient Trading can allow us to take full advantage of any excessive volatility...


  • Ticker: YHOO
  • SHORT trade
  • entry time:10:12
  • entry price: $115.38
  • exit time:10:49
  • exit price: $111.31
  • How long in the trade?: 37 minutes
  • PROFIT: 3.5%
  • Ticker: CMGI
  • LONG trade
  • entry time: 11:32 
  • entry price: $90.38
  • exit time: 11:40 
  • exit price: $92.06
  • How long in the trade?: 8 minutes
  • PROFIT: 1.86%
  • Ticker: GRIN
  • LONG trade
  • entry time: 2:13 
  • entry price: $25.63
  • exit time: 2:25 
  • exit price: $30.19
  • How long in the trade?: 12 minutes
  • PROFIT: 17.8%
  • Ticker:DCLK
  • LONG trade
  • entry time 9:50
  • entry price $93
  • exit time 10:14
  • exit price $95.25
  • How long in the trade?:24 minutes
  • PROFIT: 2.4% 
  • Ticker: NITE
  • SHORT trade
  • entry time: 10:24
  • entry price: $29.63
  • exit time:10:48
  • exit price: $28.75
  • How long in the trade?: 24 minutes
  • PROFIT: 2.95%
  • Ticker: EGRP
  • LONG trade
  • entry time 10:22
  • entry price: $26.19
  • exit time 11:14
  • exit price: $26.69
  • How long in the trade?: 52 minutes
  • PROFIT: 1.9%
  • Ticker: IMAA
  • LONG trade
  • entry time: 9:42
  • entry price: $12.38
  • exit time: 10:29
  • exit price:$13
  • how long in the trade: 47 minutes
  • PROFIT: 5%
  • Ticker: EGRP
  • LONG trade
  • entry time: 10:50 
  • entry price: $23.13
  • exit time: 12:00 
  • exit price: $26.75
  • Time in trade: 1 hour & 10 minutes
  • PROFIT: 15.7%



    If you would like to read even more examples of Trades made by our Members, you can also browse through our "Testimonials" section by clicking here...




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