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blinking button 2 colors.gif (3383 bytes)  What are the basic PRINCIPLES of our trading techniques?...

    Most of our techniques use REAL TIME CHARTS as our primary source of data.

    Two main sources of such real time charts are two programs called "QCharts" and "IQCharts".

Whether you decide to use one of those two programs (as most of our Members do) or any other source of your choice, it is absolutely necessary to have access to real time charts in order to trade efficiently.  

    Both QCharts and IQCharts offer REAL TIME CHARTS for the US stock markets (NASDAQ and NYSE).
    QCharts offers more options than IQCharts but the monthly subscription fee to QCharts is also TWICE (as of December 2000) as expensive as the one of QCharts...
(please note that, even though the NAMES of those two charting programs are VERY SIMILAR, they are provided by two totally different companies!)

       (click here to view some screenshots of IQCharts)

Click HERE to check out the conditions of subscribing to
       (click here to view some screenshots of QCharts)

NOTE:  IQCharts  is offering to PM Traders' Members a SPECIAL OFFER allowing you to test and try their program for FREE for 2 weeks.   To sign up for that trial offer please click here and then click on the "Registration" button.

NOTE: If you decide to subscribe to  QCharts , it could take a few days to get your final subscription, but in the meantime, we know how excited and eager you might be to "start to look at something," so here is what we have for you... 
You can get a little sampling of what real time intraday charting will look like and start to practice (only after the market close) to identify P2™ and P1™ signals (which you will learn in our PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™) by clicking here.  What you will see is a VERY LIMITED version of the actual QCharts program, but at least you will have something to help you remain patient for a few days, and you will be able to look at your very first INTRADAY CHARTS. IMPORTANT: the data on that screen will be 15 MINUTES (or MORE) DELAYED, so NEVER ATTEMPT to trade with that data!  It would ruin you...

    We have the great advantage of being able to access those real time charts from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, as long as we have access to the Internet.
    This incredible flexibility of use makes our trading a totally "mobile" business.  This is very important to us as we want to be able to trade and live in any city or country of our choice and not have our job, boss or employer decide of where we should live!!!

    With a cellular phone and a laptop computer, we also now have the extraordinary option to trade from almost any place whether it is a park, a restaurant's terrace or a boat in the middle of a lake (check out the pictures of the Trade that Pascal Monmoine did "just for fun", with a laptop, from the middle of a trout stream in Virginia - USA)... 
    An almost total freedom which will only be limited by your own imagination!  
    Just think about the ultimate pleasure and luxury of making 1/2 point profit on a quick trade of one thousand shares while having lunch at a restaurant's terrace or any other place... 
    If you know of any more enjoyable way to make $500 in a few minutes, please let us know as we simply do not know of any better way to have any chance of generating this kind of income in such a short period of time and in such a unique context of pure freedom.

    You can click click here if you would like to watch the DEMONSTRATION of several REAL TRADES using such charts.
Please note that we do not use simple "quotes" (which are only numbers, one for the 
Bid" and one for the "Ask") but we use instead "Level II" quotes and we do so in a very limited and very specific way as, unknown to most, Level II quotes do present many traps and dangers which can be as vicious as they can be costly if you are not aware of them and do not know how to very efficiently deal with them...

Most of our techniques are based on the following premise...   




  We then POSITION OURSELVES so that IF and WHEN a very strong move happens, we will try to GET IN THAT TRADE (through the expert use of STOP orders and other techniques) ...


  After EFFICIENTLY MANAGING OUR POSITION we will then finaly OPTIMIZE OUR EXIT of that trade (also through the efficient use of STOP and LIMIT orders) ...


    In other words, WE WILL ALWAYS WAIT FOR "THEM" to make up their mind and to DECIDE to MOVE a stock VERY STRONGLY IN ONE DIRECTION or another (by "THEM" we mean ALL the other traders/investors buying and selling that stock at that time).  

    And as soon as they do, we will use our techniques to RECOGNIZE and IDENTIFY THAT MOVE, and then EFFICIENTLY JUMP on their "MOVING TRAIN"...
    Our last step will always be to JUMP OUT of that still running train BEFORE "THEY" CHANGE THEIR MIND again and reverse direction ... as they always do!

    In a nutshell, this is exactly what we do and it is reflected in every single steps and aspects of our very unique approach to Trading!  
    No "opinions", no "guessing", no "predicting" ... our only goal is one of efficient and unemotional Trading.  

    It is also very important that you understand the concept that WE NEVER REACT to the market, instead WE ACT on other traders and investor's actions which is a VERY different approach...

    Also, we of course never have any "OPINIONS" about where a stock might be tomorrow or in 3 months from now... such opinions are totally subjective while the goal of our Trading is to be totally objective.  And in the end, once you really accept realities as they are, the only truth is that NO ONE does really and consistantly knows where a stock will be several days, weeks or months from now.  The earlier you fully recognize and accept that reality, the faster you will progress...


   Let us also share with you what might very well be the MOST IMPORTANT concept of successful stock trading...

The success of your trading will ESSENTIALLY be based on your SELF CONTROL 
and on your DISCIPLINE...
... NOT on some "Secret Trading System" 
like too many beginners and amateurs usually think !

   Unlike most beginners and amateurs think, your trading success will never be the result of some "Secret Holy Grail" or "Miraculous Trading system" that so many "gurus" or Websites will offer  to you for $1,000, $10,000 and more... 
    If you are the kind of person who still believes that such a "system" will be your only (or quickest) path to success, please run away right now as trading will ruin you ... and by "ruin" we mean well beyond the simple financial ruin.

  "DAY TRADING & OVERNIGHT TRADING" is very difficult to master and is certainly not for everyone!  It might look deceitfully easy ... but it is definitely not!
    You will never hear us say, unlike many other Websites or seminar's givers, that it is "very easy"... 

    Too many people today trade "because they can" and not "because they should" which is a huge difference!  
    They "trade" simply because they opened an on line brokerage account and have access to it through their computer but they do it WITHOUT any specific trading strategy, education or doing their "homework and thinking on their own" and this is of course quite suicidal !  
    Quality EDUCATION, even more than for most other activites, is absolutely essential to start Trading and to progress ... and hopefully succeed!

    On the positive side, we will also tell you that one of the truth and beauty of trading is that EVERYONE HAS THE VERY SAME SHOT AT IT... as long, of course, as you have at least a very specific technique and strategy to approach it. 

    Your success as a Day Trader will be totally independent of your age, race, sex, religion or resume.
The market does not even know that you exist!... 
    Unfortunately also, you will never know if you have the skills and the personality to become successful at it until you really try yourself at it. This "trial" will be very expensive for all those who will not succeed at it and lack the skills required, but it will also be the cheapest education ever for those who will become successful traders.

    You can of course try to get started on your own and progress by trial and error ... but that option might cost you (as it initially did to Pascal Monmoine and so many others) tens of thousands of dollars, lots of stress and worries, numerous sleepless nights ... and maybe even much more.

    Pascal Monmoine wanted to make his work available to anyone interested in getting seriously involved with Day Trading, whether on a part time or a full time basis. 

    The goal of this PRIVATE COURSE is to hopefully save you some (or a lot) of the starting and growing pains and expenses of discovering everything on your own as this is always a very costly and stressful process. 

    Our "STEP BY STEP" PRIVATE COURSE will explain to you all that you will need to go from "knowing absolutely nothing about day trading" up to the stage of "being ready to carefully enter your very first Trade".
 If you are already a Trader but would like to really progress, take your trading to another level and start approaching the markets with a very unique Trading philosophy and techniques, this PRIVATE COURSE will also bring you all of that and so much more...

    You can click here for more details on this PRIVATE COURSE.
    It will start by teaching you in details all the BASICS like which computer to use, which real-time charts to use, how to select an efficient on-line broker, where to find (for free) the news on the stocks which you will trade, what to look for to enter and exit your trades, how to manage them and how to deal with your emotions in the whole process.  
    This PRIVATE COURSE will then ultimately take you to a detailed explanation of our 2 favorite techniques called "P2™" and "P1™" and which are extensively used by most of our Members
It will also explain to you in details how to select which stocks to trade (and which ones to avoid as they won't be the "optimum" targets for you) and how to efficienly trade them.  
    The PRIVATE COURSE will also extensively detail many of the most important and critical "SELF CONTROL RULES" of trading. 

    As Pascal frequently reminds our Members, "Your SUCCESS in trading will be based at least at 80% on your SELF CONTROL and your DISCIPLINE ... NOT, unlike most beginners and amateurs tend to believe, on some "secret" trading techniques".

    Reading this PRIVATE COURSE will certainly not  transfer by magic to your brain all the expertise of other experienced traders and nothing can do that of course.  But it will get you started very efficiently and with very precise guidelines which so many beginners (and traders who have a hard time progressing) fail to have and fail to follow.
    Beyond that, you need to be very much aware that it will always have to ultimately be your own trading journey. You can certainly keep learning from us through ADVANCED Seminars and Courses but your success will also be based on your aptitude to keep progressing on you own.   

    There is of course absolutely no guarantees that this Course will make you successful.  Nothing or no one could guarantee you such a result
and we would never insult your intelligence by telling you otherwise(unlike many other websites making highly unethical promises) ... but it should give you a very definite edge compared to starting from scratch or trying to trade without applying the right rules, efficient techniques and without a very precise and very consistent trading strategy. 
    This COURSE will also teach you how to keep progressing on your own (learning how to analyze on your own what you do right and what you do wrong) which is, as we already mentioned, a critical skill to acquire in your trading journey.

    If you would like to read the objective opinion of many of our Members who have already learned and put into practice all the material form this course, please take a moment to visit our testimonials page. 
    Our Members' own words should be the most impartial
answer to many of your questions concerning the quality of the techniques and of the philosophy that we teach...



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