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Our philosophy is to TEACH YOU 
how to try to achieve a 

through the intelligent use of 


Our Website was created for 3 main reasons...

Cafe animation.gif (19432 bytes)  1  Our website was designed to be the VIRTUAL MEETING POINT (our "Café" as Pascal Monmoine likes to call it...) of our Members from all over the World ...

    All of our Members essentially trade using the same same Trading concepts and philosophy, as they are explained in details in our PRIVATE COURSE and during our SEMINARS
    These Trading concepts have been developped by Pascal MONMOINE, a private Trader who lives in North Carolina and who exclusively Trades his own capital.

 2   We also wanted to finally make Pascal MONMOINE's complete step by step "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™" "PRIVATE DAY TRADING Start Up COURSE™" available to all, instead of limiting its access only to those who were able to attend one of the rare private Seminars which he occasionally gives in the USA, in Europe or in the Caribbeans.

  You can now order this PRIVATE COURSE, directly from this Website. 

  You can also click here to learn more about how to join us...

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 3   Last, but certainly not least, we also wanted to use this Website to try to make a difference in our World...

   For starters, a set percentage of all net income generated by this website will be DONATED to VARIOUS CHARITIES (especially those helping sick and poor children).  We simply cannot selfishly enjoy our privileged lives without helping and caring for those less fortunate than we are.

   With our
"Let's Share..." program, whenever you purchase something from our website or from any of our associates (like for example), you know that you will also be indirectly participating in our program and starting "to do some good...". 
   Please click here to learn more about the charities which we support.
   So much is always needed. Thank you in advance!






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