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    Dear Trader (or soon to be Trader...) , 

   It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our Trading website and to our group of Traders ...

   As you will soon find out, WE ARE VERY DIFFERENT from all other Trading, Day Trading, and financial websites ...

  • Unlike most other Trading websites, our goal is not to "just make money" from our Trading ...  
    ... it is also to ACHIEVE a SUPERIOR LIFESTYLE, through the intelligent use of expert trading techniques !

  • Our techniques will teach you HOW to TRADE in ANY KIND of MARKET ...
    ... whether the market goes UP, DOWN, becomes TRENDLESS, stays in a TRADING RANGE or even CRASHES, hundreds of  intraday trading opportunities will always be present for the few who will know how to translate them into PROFITS !

  • It also very dear to the heart of our Founder, Pascal Monmoine, that our Course or Seminars do teach you HOW TO TRADE ON YOUR OWN, how to be totally independent from anyone and everyone and how to be able to Trade for the rest of your life...  
    ... and not, unlike what most commercial websites do, find a way to charge you $100 to $500 per month just to have you blindly follow someone else's stock picks, becoming totally dependant on them and without really ever learning anything !

  • We will teach you HOW TO TRADE on FACTS !...  
    ... our main Trading philosophy is also very different from what you might be used to in the sense that we will teach you how to Trade on "FACTS" and not on "OPINIONS".  Unlike most people active in the stock market, we never trade based on OPINIONS (whether our own ... or those of others), we focus on taking advantage of whatever it is that the stock is showing us and "telling us", what the 2,372 people Trading it at that instant are REALLY doing with it... buying it, selling it, or being undecided about its direction.

       It is really critical to us TO BE ABLE TO GENERATE PROFITS IN ANY KIND OF MARKETS ... unlike traditional "investors" who end up being totally powerless, passive and without any income every time that the markets become trendless, go down or crash.  
       As the markets will remind us from time to time, bear/down markets will ALWAYS happen, every few years, over and over again and they might even sometimes last for many years.
       Bull markets where "everything seems easy to everyone" always only last for so long ...  and they represent a very dangerous trap for those who fool themselves into believing that they are "great" traders/investors in such markets, fooling themselves in thinking that, all that they have to do to make money, is to "buy every dip and pullback" ... which is actually a very dangerous and costly way to approach your Trading.   
       Such an approach will seem to "work" when it will indeed be actual "pullbacks" ... but it will also most of the time end up costing you all your profits, and much more, when such moves will be anything else than an actual pullback (and there is a wide range of psychological reasons why it will just happen that way, reasons which are way too long to explain within the limited space of this introductory page). 
       If you have already been active in the markets for a while, even if you don't know why and what to do about such situations, you already know too well how true this really is and how incredibly dangerous, costly and inefficient such an approach really is !

    For EFFICIENT TRADERS on the other hand, ANY MARKET IS a "GREAT MARKET"!  Their knowledge allows them to have the highest chances of generating profits in ANY kind of market ... and not just when "everything goes up at the same time" !      

       This approach is very important to us and to our Members as we are clearly only interested in a "business" whose profitability will be totally independant from economic and market's conditions...


   As you will soon find out...
  • WE ARE VERY DIFFERENT from other trading Websites, in so many ways...
  • OUR MEMBERS ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the traditional highly stressed "Day Traders" as you might know them...  When those "day traders" make 100 trades per day, our Members only do 1 to 5 trades a day and we will teach you why !
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  Would you like to learn how to make that kind of trade and 
make money in ANY KIND OF MARKET
(up, down or trendless) ?

... and also learn how to be able to make several such trades EVERY DAY ?

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a simulation of several "DAY TRADES"
done using our techniques !


   Many of our Members, as well as our founder, have the extreme luxury of trading from the comfort of their own home or from any location in the World.  

   Often, their only "co-workers" are their spouse and their children.  Needless to say, their lifestyle is pretty far away from trading in one of those "day trading firm" or from being one of the millions being nothing less than slaves to a Corporation !

A few TESTIMONIALS from some of our Members...

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   If this is your very FIRST VISIT to our Website, please click on all the buttons in our menu on the left of this page to learn more about us and about how we might be able to help you ... 

   Maybe you will decide to join our group of Traders ?
   We would really love to welcome you to PM Traders...
Please take this TOUR to discover...
WHO we are ...
WHY we are so DIFFERENT...
WHAT we have to offer ...
... and what we will NOT offer !
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   If you are seriously considering to start Trading, please be aware that:
 >  You should NEVER quit your current job to start trading (full-time or part-time) until you are guaranteed that your trading can and will consistently support you as well (or better) than your current job

 >  You should ONLY trade with money that you can afford to lose totally
   We decided to give you these two major pieces of advice right away as, unlike many other websites, we really want you to realize that successful Trading is hard to achieve and that Trading is just not for everyone (there again, unlike what most "commercial" trading websites will do their best to make you believe) 

The reality is also that until you seriously try it, you will not know whether you are going to be good at it or not.

   On the other hand of course, becoming a successful Trader might allow you to reach an amazing lifestyle which most can only dream of...

   As always, OUR FUTURE really is what WE make of it !...



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